4 Reasons Why You Should Go on Winter Holidays

When the word ‘holidays’ is heard, most people’s minds conjure the image of themselves sunbathing on a sandy beach as the sun keeps them warm.

However, summer is not the only season when people can go on a holiday. You can travel to any place even in winter or autumn. And there are many people who actually prefer going away during those chillier seasons.

Does that sound weird? Well, it shouldn’t as there are several benefits of going on a holiday in winter instead of summer. What are those benefits? Keep reading to find out.

two girls making snow angels

Reason 1: Fun Winter Activities

The main reason why people prefer travelling in colder months is because there is a great variety of wintery sports they can do. In winter, especially in November, December and January, most cities have been decorated for Christmas, outdoor ice skating rinks have been installed, and ski resorts are open. If you are an experienced skier or you are interested in learning how to ski, you can book a ski holiday deal from Erna Low,which gets you a discount in the total amount you are asked to pay for both the accommodation and a ski pass. It should be noted that even if you are not a winter sports fan, getting on the aerial tram to admire the view or enjoying a cup of hot chocolate while watching the snow falling in the ski lodge is fun.

Reason 2: Less tourists

It is common for most tourists to travel to the place of their choosing in spring or in summer. This is because they usually take a longer time off from work – usually a week or so – and it is enough to go to an exotic destination then and enjoy their holidays there. If you do not like the idea of going to a place which is packed with tourists, then travelling in winter is definitely the best option for you since less people decide to go on trips when the weather is cold.

Reason 3: Cheaper Flights and Accommodation

Since most people prefer travelling in summer, it is common that flight tickets and hotel rooms are cheaper in winter because there is less demand for them then. It definitely feels like a waste of money to pay more for the same room just because you want to book it in July. By travelling in winter you can not only save money but also have the time of your life by experiencing wintery adventures.

Reason 4: Overcome Winter Blues

Winter blues is the feeling of sadness and melancholy that a person may experience in winter. People who suffer from winter blues are negatively affected by the gloomy weather and the darkness in winter, and these lead them to feel sad. Going on a fun trip on your own, with family or with friends is an effective way to focus on happier things in life, like spectacular landscapes and diverse cultures.

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