two people holding hands with the sun shining through

Romance isn’t dead: wowing your partner at each stage

Some people may be inherently more romantic than others. This may mean that you need a few more ideas, and a sprinkling of motivation, to be able to plan something that would be seen as conventionally romantic. Doing so can bring great delight to your partner. Whether you are still in the early stages of dating, are ready to commit, or have spent a significant amount of time together, it can still be great to make that effort for the person you love.

two people holding hands with the sun shining through

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A couple’s holiday

During the dating stage, you might want to keep experiencing your firsts together. You may have already had your first kiss, or met each other’s parents, but there may come a time when you plan on taking that first holiday together. Should you go abroad, it can be good to take in some of the sights, and even book yourselves onto day trips. For example, there may be more things to do in New York that could be construed as romantic than you may think. Whether that be snuggling up together watching a performance, or standing atop the Empire State Building admiring the stars is up to you. When booking, keep in mind the things you and your partner love to do together already, as this could help to inspire you.


Engagement ideas

Traditionally, the man may have gotten down on one knee to propose to the woman, having gained permission from her parents first. However, in modern society, a woman may dislike the idea of someone else needing to give her partner permission to marry her. Alternatively, there are many different types of couples that now exist, leading away from those historic gender roles. Should you find that the person you are currently dating is the person you wish to marry, you may want the proposal to reflect just how much you care about them. For some, this may mean breaking away from traditions. You might want to look into a few different ways you could propose to your partner to see which are feasible, as well as the ones that he or she may really appreciate. This can help you to tailor the next step of your relationship to yourself and your partner.


Planning a wedding

Once your partner, or you, have said yes to engagement, you may then want to think about that important next step. There might be several options available to you for a wedding, including opting for it to be held abroad. One of the main deciding factors here might be the cost associated, followed by how many people you wish to attend. This planning shouldn’t be rushed, and may need to involve some compromise so that you don’t start your marriage with debts or disagreements.

Being romantic can be about the things you do together, as well as the thought that goes into things involving your partner. Whether big or small, you may want to ensure that romance is kept alive.

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