Tips for Motorbike Travelling with Children

Tips for Motorbike Travelling with Children

A motorcycle journey with children is a unique and adventurous way to create lasting family memories. However, it comes with its own set of considerations to ensure the safety and comfort of your little riders. In this guide, we’ll explore valuable tips to make motorcycle travel with children a safe and enjoyable experience.



1. Safety First: Gear Up for the Ride

Before hitting the road, prioritise safety by ensuring your children are equipped with the right gear. Invest in well-fitted helmets designed for kids, protective pads for elbows and knees, and gloves to shield their hands. Safety gear specifically designed for young riders is readily available and ensures optimal protection. Additionally, consider wind-resistant jackets and pants to protect them from the elements. Remember, safety is paramount, and the right gear is the first line of defence.

2. Choose the Right Motorcycle

Selecting an appropriate motorcycle is crucial when children are part of the riding equation. Opt for a bike with a comfortable and stable pillion seat, ensuring there’s ample space for the child to sit securely. Balance and stability are key, so consider the weight of the motorcycle and its suitability for carrying a passenger. Some families opt for motorcycles with sidecars for an added layer of safety and space.

3. Teach and Reinforce Proper Riding Behavior

Educate your children about proper riding behaviour and etiquette. Emphasise the importance of sitting still and holding onto the designated handholds, whether it’s the rider or the motorcycle’s grab rails. Instil the habit of wearing safety gear without exception. Reinforce the significance of staying seated until the motorcycle comes to a complete stop to prevent unnecessary accidents or injuries.

4. Start with Short Rides and Gradually Increase Distance

Introduce your children to motorcycle travel gradually. Begin with short rides to nearby destinations, allowing them to acclimate to the experience. Gauge their comfort level and gradually increase the distance as they become more accustomed to the dynamics of motorcycle travel. Starting with shorter rides helps prevent fatigue and discomfort, ensuring a positive introduction to the world of two-wheeled adventures.

5. Plan Regular Breaks and Pit Stops

Children, especially younger ones, may not have the stamina for extended rides. Plan regular breaks and pit stops to stretch their legs, hydrate, and recharge. Incorporate interesting stops along the route, such as parks or scenic viewpoints, to make the journey more engaging and enjoyable. Breaks not only ensure physical comfort but also contribute to the overall experience of the adventure.

6. Weather Preparedness: Dress Accordingly

Weather conditions can significantly impact the comfort of your child during the ride. Dress them in layers to accommodate temperature fluctuations. Ensure they are adequately protected from rain and wind with weather-resistant gear. In colder weather, add thermal layers to keep them warm. Being prepared for various weather scenarios enhances the overall enjoyment of the journey.

7. Communication is Key: Stay Connected

Clear communication is vital when travelling with children on a motorcycle. Establish a set of signals or a simple communication system to convey messages during the ride. Ensure that the child understands basic signals for stops, turns, and emergencies. Staying connected through clear communication enhances safety and allows for a smoother and more enjoyable ride.

8. Secure Luggage Properly

If you’re carrying luggage or backpacks, secure them properly to prevent any unwanted shifting during the ride. Ensure that bags are securely fastened to the motorcycle, and if your child is carrying a backpack, make sure it is comfortable and doesn’t hinder their movement or posture. Properly secured luggage contributes to the overall stability of the motorcycle.

9. Choose Scenic Routes and Child-Friendly Destinations

Make the journey as enjoyable as the destination by selecting scenic routes and child-friendly destinations. Children are more likely to embrace the adventure if the ride itself is filled with interesting sights and experiences. Research and plan routes that include picturesque landscapes, points of interest, and places where children can explore and have fun.

10. Insurance Matters: Compare Bike Insurance Options

Before embarking on your motorcycle adventure with children, review and update your bike insurance. Ensure that your policy provides adequate coverage for passengers, including children. You can compare bike insurance options to find the best coverage that suits your family’s needs. This step adds an extra layer of security, giving you peace of mind as you hit the road with your little co-pilots.


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