Cool Camping: 7 Different Equipment To Take On Your Next Trip

Are you an outdoorsy type of family? Do you love the smell of the forest, the patter of rainfall on your tent roof, and the views that only those who explore on-foot can be shown? Well, you’re not alone. Millions of families love to go camping each year and that number is rising almost at an alarming rate. Not only is it because so many people are sick to death of living and working in the cities, but because of the recent pandemic. We’ve realized that we don’t deserve to live the life of a hermit. Just going to work every day and coming back home, is like a nightmare where you’re trapped in a loop. Finally, we have come to appreciate and love the great outdoors. This is why we want to make it fun and thanks to some cool outdoor gear, first-time campers will want to keep coming back for their new camping adventure every year too.

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Sleek first aid

Everyone needs to take a first aid kit with them, while they are camping. The dangers are small but they are real. You never know you could step on moss which isn’t supported by the ground underneath and you could take a tumble off the side of a hill. Or you may hurt yourself while you are using your tools to build the camp. Regardless, you should never skimp out on buying a good first aid kit. But what puts people off from buying their own kit, is the sheer bulk and size of it. It’s a chore to carry around and it often snags on trees and rocks as you’re trying to walk through the forest and wade through rivers.


But this sleek first aid kit made by VSSL is incredibly small yet packed with everything you need. Bandages, scissors, plasters, gauze and antiseptic are all present in the kit. You also have plastic gloves, repair gear, a compass and even a small light. It comes in a tube that can fit neatly into your rucksack or it can be fitted to the outside of your body just at your side. It’s no larger than a candy tube, so you may forget that it’s even there. But it’s bright red color will make sure that you don’t lose sight of it so easily.




Time to get tactical

Everyone will need to get used to doing the chores of the camp. That will involve a lot of digging. You will build a little fort for your fire, and that involves digging a hole in the floor. You will also need to chop down some trees or branches for firewood. And will need to screw down some things in your tent and perhaps cut some threads or rope. That is why the Annihilate F-A3 survival shovel is so highly prized for the modern camper. You can do most jobs with just one tool kit that comes in the form of a trench tool. This shovel is just 2.5 lbs so it’s almost just 1kg. You will never feel the weight of this tool, yet it’s so useful.


Listed as a multi-functional tool, the shovel has 1 shovel head that can be used for digging and chopping wood. The handle breaks into 5 different pieces. You have 1 blade, spear, fire rod, whistle and camera support for your camping videos with your smartphone. It also comes with a 10 foot paracord and survival saw. This is the type of gear that makes camping easy and cool. It will impress your children and make them feel special.


Durable glasses 

For those of us that have a little trouble seeing, we’re frightful of our glasses breaking in the wild and not being able to see. If you are camping out in bear country, this is the absolute last thing you need. Clear vision in the woods and forests is paramount, so you can spot predators off in the distant and avoid them. These types of titanium and flexible durable glasses that you can learn more about here, are the first recommended solution. Not only are they lightweight, but they can bend and sustain a lot of damage without the lenses falling out or the frames warping. You have tons of choices, with different styles and colors. Buy the entire family a group of durable glasses and you won’t have to worry about rolling over them in the night or knocking them against a tree.




A sip of espresso anyone?

When we’re out and about camping, we are hiking up trails and enjoying the views. But we’re also being bitten by the relentless cold, wind and rain. That is of course if you’re camping during the autumn and winter months. But even during the summer and spring, gusts of winds clearing the mountains and bursting through forests is quite normal. So, we need something that will fill our boots with energy and give us a warm feeling inside. There’s nothing better than a fresh cup of espresso. Wacaco has made a portable espresso machine that you can fit inside your rucksack no problem. All you need is water and your favorite coffee beans and it does the rest. Unlike other machines, you don’t need to carry N20 cartridges or even electricity. You can pour boiling water into the espresso machine and the grinding is done manually. It pours the coffee into the cup which is also the lid. 




A portable cooler

Why would you ever want to keep things cool when you’re camping? Well, not everyone is going to go camping in the Western hemisphere. Many of you avid hikers and campers will want to explore hotter climates. So while you’re traversing the hills of Cambodia or sifting through the jungle of Indonesia, you need to keep some of your food and water cool. That’s why this portable Yeti cooler is definitely something that will keep your creature comforts nice and cool. Put chocolate bars, beers, or maybe meat sandwiches in this Hopper Flip 12 soft cooler. It’s small enough to be strapped to your side or put in your pack. With its strong construction and zip-fastening top, you can rest assured that this cooler will keep your food and drinks nice and chilled so you can enjoy a sunset in the jungle, sipping on a beer with your pals. You can enjoy a Ceasar chicken salad sandwich while you are stopping for a rest in the humid hills of some gloriously hidden jungle. 




Survival knife

The world is full of survival knives. They are perhaps the single most valued tool of the hiker or camper. They can do most things and they can also defend your life. You never know when you are to face trouble in the form of a wild animal and you need to save your life. So you need a survival knife that can double as a semi-combat knife. This is what the Bear Grylls survival AO folding knife is all about. It has a sharp and strong blade that is also ridged at the start. This can be used for stripping branches and making them ready for the fire. You can also use the end point to cut meat or fish. The blade is also in a bright orange finish so you can see it almost anywhere. If you drop it into the mud it has a non-stick coating and it can be easily fetched out again, unlike wooden and laminate handles. The handle is glass-filled nylon so it’s very durable. The blade is made from 3-inches of steel so it’s also very rugged. Remember that Bear Grylls has a military background, so he has designed a knife that is meant for both survival and self-defense. 



Matches to the rescue

When all else fails you, the trust matchstick kit is your last hope for survival. Sometimes, the fire rod or the stick sticks can get lost. They are very small and if they happen to fall out of your pocket or maybe lost in your kit as it falls into a river, then matches are your last hope. But you need a stormproof match kit because matches are no use to you if they are wet. They may never light again even if they dry. So, this UCO match kit is vital for your next camping trip. These matches are very versatile and can be used in colder temperatures too. Even in heavy winds these matches will stay alight. If you have cold hands, don’t worry, these matches light very easily. They also come in a screw top tube so no water can get inside. The material is also durable so it can get squashed under your weight and it won’t crack or split. These matches can be used to light lanterns, camp fires, smoke messages and used as a temporary torch as they burn slowly and brightly.

When we go camping, we want to feel that we are safe. So having any of these items with you will mean your family is indeed safe, enjoying camping and will want to come back outdoors again and again.


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