Bibetta Photoshoot

It had finally arrived – photoshoot day for Bibetta. We love Bibetta products and have been huge fans for a while, especially as they support TAMBA (Twins and Multiple Birth Association). Bibetta have their own draw in our house. We have bibs, changing mats, place mats, dribble bibs – almost the whole collection. Just the picnic blankets, lunch bags and bottle insulators to go! (I want to try the bottle insulator as a wine cooler!) We have been collecting Bibetta products for almost 2 years now and even our oldest products still look new even after a twin battering! They are fab as they are machine washable, they fold up small to fit into you nappy bag and have a super funky designs in numerous colours.

I will be honest and say I was nervous. I wasn’t nervous that we were doing a photoshoot, but I was nervous because the girls, only a week before, decided that they were far too grown up for bibs and were point blank refusing to wear them. This didn’t bode well when they were going to be modelling bibs, and not just one – lots! This was a battle that I was determined to win.

So on the run up to the shoot, I had been working very hard to convince my girls that bibs are great, and if they wear one, they can have a treat. I am glad to say, that this worked and they did play ball (most of the time!).

Here are some behind the scene photos from our photoshoot day.

And Action…

Great to see everyone involved in the shoot – Kerry from Media Snug jumping around to get smiles. Paul,  the owner of Bibetta looking super proud of his products, and so he should!

Fun in the garden playing with new friends with the Bibetta picnic blanket.

Cameraman Dean photobombing my selfie!


Fiona, Co-owner of Bibetta enjoying some baby time with a mini model!

Tabitha’s Mr Bear modelling the Dribble Bib!


Thank you to Bibetta and Media Snug for giving the girls the opportunity to take part in such a special day.

And guess what, upon arriving home Poppy went to her thank you goody bag, 20374519_10159071373085324_3338057340506775821_ntook out her Bibetta bib and look… such a loveable monkey!

To purchase any of Bibettas products, visit or for PR, The Media Snug

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