Bucket List – 2018


Do you ever get to the new year and get super excited about planning some new adventures and holidays? I do, and I love it! But I always tend to want to do more than my husband’s holiday allows! I guess I was also spoilt being a teacher with the long holidays and before you say it, yes teachers do work in the holidays but I worked extra hard to fit more in! We also have a bit of a time limit to cram some in this year with the pending arrival of Popitha 3 in July and the Zombi months are upon us with the lack of sleep! Yes, we could still go away but I don’t want to make too many plans post July just yet.


Challenge 1 – Cots to Beds

Taking three on holiday will put a completely different spin on life and I have a few challenges to face before we become a family of 5. The girls are still in cots. I have always planned to keep them in them as long as I can but I now think I want to get them settled into beds before the baby. I have heard that this could be a challenging time so I want to tackle it whilst I am getting sleep!


Challenge 2 – Dummies

Then comes their dummies. In my head we were going to leave them all at Centre Parcs when we went last month, but I wimped out! I thought with the late nights that were probable over Christmas and being out of routine, it wasn’t the best time to go cold Turkey with them. So, new year, new rules…. Dummies can stay for the time being but only at night. They have to leave them in their cots in the morning, and if they do this they get a star in their reward boxes. Once all of their stars have gone, they get a present. The girls have come to love presents so I am hoping we are onto a winner! Once the girls are settled in beds, the dummy fairy will come!

Challenge 3 – Potty Training

We then have potty training to contend with. I am a firm believer that this is something not to rush and at present, the girls still aren’t showing the signs that they are ready so I am thinking that this is the third phase of my up and coming challenges! However, we have potties from My Carry Potty at the ready, along with books and reward charts from the Potty Training Academy so if it happens sooner, we are ready to go! Oh my babies are growing up!

So back to my adventures and where do I start? Well my husband said to me yesterday, ‘so what is at the top of this wish list?’ ‘Kenya’ I said! Kenya is my most favourite place in the world. I have been there many times. I have friends their and the girls Godmother is there and I really can’t wait to get back. I just adore the African life. If I could, I would happily live there in the winter and come back to the UK in the summer. However, for now whilst I’m pregnant and the girls are small, it will have to go on the 2020 list!

My Wish List

Here is our travel wish list for 2018… don’t you just love making memories and maybe dreaming just a tiny bit!


  1. A holiday abroad – We are looking at one of the Canary Islands as need to go before May. The twins came early so being extra cautious I want to be on home turf 2 months before my due date!beach-holiday-with-twins
  1. The New Forest – We have been before when the girls were 9 months but I would love to try glamping this time.


  1. Peppa Pig World – I think the girls are the perfect age and it would tie in with the New Forest well.


  1. Norfolk – We have friends in North Norfolk and its where I used to live so it would be great to have a week up there and catch up with then as well as explore the attractions, stately homes and fabulous beaches. A separate long weekend may be slipped in somewhere too!


  1. Centre Parcs Winter Wonderland – We went this year and it made a great start to the Christmas period and got us all in to the spirit of things!


  1. A long weekend farm stay to give the girls their animal fix and to have a family weekend unwinding!


  1. A spontaneous weekend away in a hotel…. Within 2 hours of Essex – where would you go?
  2. And Disney World on a budget – is that possible?



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