Life With Triplets – Part 2

Still in awe of Emma, the amazing triplet mum we heard from last month? Well she’s back again with some more wonderful tales of her gorgeous triplets!


Becoming a Proper Family of 6 – The Triplets Are Home


This is where the fun began.  After the initial wave of visitors and offers of help we decided to make a ‘quick trip’ to John Lewis.  Once we’d spent half an hour working out how to fit all 4 car seats, two double buggies, two changing bags and us in the car we were off.  It then took us another 15 minutes to erect the buggies in the car park, strap the girls in and start our first shopping trip.  Rob and I were not prepared for the amount of fuss and attention we received, in fact we were totally overwhelmed by it.  We soon became to realise that we were never going to be able to go anywhere quickly ever again!

We survived the first 6 months with a strict routine.  People often ask me how we coped when the girls were new-borns and I can honestly say they were ‘easy’ babies.  They took milk when they were offered it, they slept a lot and their big sister kept them entertained with her new found love of dancing and sharing her toys.  We had a rota of relatives and friends that visited on certain days of the week, to offer help with feeding, ironing or watching the babies so I could take Isla to the park.



Then came weaning, you can imagine the mess.  As quickly as I was blending purees for the girls, it was being smeared across their faces, clothes and kitchen walls and floor.  This was the start of our ever increasing food bills and need for vanish stain removal sticks.


Moving House

When the girls were 10 months old, we moved.  We wanted to be closer to my parents but also to give the girls a village up-bringing that we both had as children.  Un-packing boxes with three crawling babies and a very ‘helpful’ toddler was challenging but we soon settled into life in our new home.  With the girls becoming more mobile and cheeky our main priority was to safety proof the house, something we are still doing on a regular basis.



During our first winter in the village, I started to feel isolated.  With two double buggies and only one pair of hands, I couldn’t leave the house to take the girls for a walk, or pop to the shops, without asking for the help of my Mum or any other willing volunteer to push the second buggy.  During the Spring, a local triplet Mum sold me her seated buggy board, which meant I could have all three of the little ones in one buggy and Isla either walking or on her scooter.  With our new found independence we were soon walking around the village and slowing down traffic as people stopped and stared at our new set of wheels.



Wow Days

The past few years have flown by and the girls will turn three in December.  Not a day goes by where I don’t stop at some point in the day and look at them and think ‘wow, you really are quite incredible’.  They most certainly test my patience and we are very lucky to have a fantastic network of family and friends that drop off chocolate and wine parcels on our door step to help get us through the difficult days.





Potty Training

The current challenge we are facing is toilet training.  Those that have done this with one child will know it requires dedication, patience, reward stickers and a lot of kitchen roll.  Day 1, we had three potties lined up in the kitchen, the girls soaked through 15 pairs of pants and leggings and I used two rolls of kitchen roll. Keep following us to hear how things progressed!



If you missed part one of ‘Emma’s Triplet Tales’, here is the link.

If you have an amazing story you would like to share with us, please do get in touch!



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