Twins holding Little Sister Mermaid from BABY Born

REVIEW: BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid

I am finding bath toys are incredibly hard to come by for pre-schoolers and young children, yet so many children love a splash about in the bath before bed. I really wanted to find the twins some bath presents for Christmas,  so when I was contacted and asked if the twins would like to review the new BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid, of course I said yes. I knew it was going to be a big hit especially as mermaids and unicorns seem to be the ‘in thing’ in our house at the moment, and it is nice that the girls are finding their own interests and are able to express some of their like and dislikes.


Last year, the twins had taken the lead role, along with my husband and I, filming for a bath toys commercial which was aimed at younger children so this was right up their street and they knew what they needed to do to fully test it – get the toy wet!

Twins holding Little Sister Mermaid from BABY Born

A Closer Look at Little Sister Mermaid

When Little Sister Mermaid arrived, I was impressed with the packaging of the doll. The mermaid doll was set in an underwater themed box and seeing she was a mermaid, the twins asked straight away if they could take Little Sister Mermaid in the water – they were so excited when I said yes.

BABY Born Little sister mermaid in sea themed box

She was bigger than I expected her to be measuring 32cm in length. She has extra-long blonde golden hair that the twins love brushing and styling, and a super sparkly, glittery tail (now who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle!) to help her glide through the water.


Little Sister Mermaid also comes with her own comb and tiara which makes her feel extra special – the twins instantly went off to find their own tiaras when the Mermaid arrived!


Can Little Sister Mermaid Really Swim?

We took the mermaids to our local swimming pool so we gave them a good testing. I wanted to see how well they swam and also how the mermaids performed being played with in water for a substantial length of time.

Twins playing with Little Sister Mermaid from BABY Born in the swimming pool

So the first test, can Little Mermaid really swim? Yes, she can. When you enter the water with Little Sister Mermaid, you have to press a little button behind her neck and when her tail is fully immersed in water, her fin starts to flap. It is not a vigorous movement so you can’t actually see it moving but you can hear it. However, she won’t be winning any races – she is a relatively slow swimmer but the girls spent most of the time holding her and making her jump in and out of the water so it didn’t affect their play at all.

BABY Born Little sister mermaid in the water

We were in the swimming pool a good hour and during this time the twins played with the Little Sister Mermaids in the toddler pool, the main swimming pool, as well as giving them their own diving lessons! They withstood the twin tests very well. The mermaids swam with the girls underwater for a good length of time and when they were finally allowed up for air, were still fully working. The mermaids have their own draining system to ensure the doll doesn’t flood.

The twins loved having a toy in the pool and it actually gave them the confidence to swim on their own like the mermaid!

Twins playing with Little Sister Mermaid from BABY Born in the swimming pool

The Cost

Little Sister Mermaid currently retails at around £27.99 which compared to a lot of other dolls out there is about the right price for the size of the doll. To make a purchase, please click the link below.


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**This product was gifted as part of the review but all thoughts and opinions are my own. This article also contains affiliate links. If you click on this link, I get a small commission but it doesn’t cost you anything.



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