Baby & More Clever Grip Toddler Cutlery and All in One Bibs – Review


Feeding two babies at once is a messy process from beginning to end. My girls are now 18 months and are insisting on feeding themselves so we were really glad when Baby & More asked us to review two of their products for us; the ‘Clever Grip Toddler Cutlery’ and the ‘All in One Bibs’.

Clever Grip Toddler Cutlery

I couldn’t wait to try the cutlery with the girls as they had been struggling up until now. The age recommendation for the cutlery is from 2 years +, personally I would say that 18 months is perfect. We have found that the ‘Clever Grip Toddler Cutlery’ an excellent set for babies starting to use cutlery. In fact, they are the best feeding utensils we have used and they come highly recommended. They have been designed with finger guidelines to teach your child how to hold forks and spoons correctly when self feeding. My twin girls were struggling with the concept of feeding themselves correctly before these came along. We found with standard cutlery, the girls food would fall off, or they would twist the spoon to get the food into their mouth but with the clever grip Spoons and forks, the shape and design of them enabled the correct hold and food reaching their mouth!

All in One Bibs

We have been using the Baby & More all in one bibs for a month and overall we are very impressed. They fully cover the baby/toddler when feeding to protect their clothes. The material is waterproof which protects clothing from drink and food spills. The front is then covered with a soft 100% cotton layer with waterproof back which absorbs liquid too. The best part of the bibs is the popper fastening. My girls can get most bibs off which is massively annoying but they haven’t managed this one yet and therefore gets my vote! They are also washer and dryer safe which makes they quick to wash and have ready for the feeding fun the following day.

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