Dreambox, Toy Boxes – Review

A Personalised Toy Box that Oozes Style!

Oh boy, do we have toys! And yes, two of most things – how did you guess! I know they need to learn to share and we will work on that but for the time being I’m all up for keeping the peace!


Our house is a decent size and the girls are lucky enough to have their own playroom, so how we still manage to have toys scattered in the lounge, conservatory, bedroom, garden…. I needed a quick fix for when we have guests – a hiding place to put things that never seem to make it back to their ‘proper’ place in the play room. I think I was dreaming when I thought everything would look beautiful every evening once the girls were in bed, now wine and my toy box are my new best friends!

After an Instagram message arrived back from Dreambox, Toy Boxes, I couldn’t have been more excited. They wanted to make my girls their own personalised toy box. I have already seen their products and they were the most gorgeous toy boxes you have seen. Classy, stylish and perfect to hide away those tacky plastic toys they love!

The inspiration behind Dreambox, Toy Boxes comes from husband and wife team, Chris and Beth. Chris is a carpenter by trade and Beth studied Law and after their first child was born the felt they needed a toy box for their baby’s toys. After searching the web, they felt very uninspired by the lack of fun, stylish toy boxes so they simply decided to make their own.  Three children later, Dreambox, Toy Boxes hit the shops running.

The Design Stage – The Fun Part!

And so discussions began between Popitha and Dreambox. There was a bit of toing and froing because each box is personalised so Chris and Beth want to make sure that everything is just right. Emails were always replied to in mega quick time, and my suggestions taken into account.

The boxes come in three different sizes so we decided on the largest box as it was to be for both girls. The sizes are;

Standard = 600l x 400d x 510h in mm

Medium = 700l x 400d x 510h in mm

Large = 800l x 400d x 510h in mm

Next we had to choose our colour scheme – pink of course! And then our fabrics. I love flowers so this inspired that – A selection was sent to us to choose from.

Each step was discussed and checked off. Photos were sent to ensure that I was happy. Were the colours correct, did I like the layout, was I happy with the size. I cannot fault the customer service – it was 5 star!

The Arrival of the Toy Box!

The box arrived fully assembled – Such a bonus. No need to get into a marriage war over whether we read the instructions or just have a go (Which often starts with ‘having a go’ and usually failing before reading the instructions!). The box was well padded and secure – in fact very padded –The blue squidgies kept the girls amused for ages!

Upon getting the Dreambox out, we were all super excited – it was fabulous! Everything we had hoped it to be and fitted into our playroom perfectly! And it’s not just a beautiful storage box but also a padded seat which the girls are very happy to sit on!

Toy box

This is why we love our Dreambox, Toy Box

  • Perfect for any room. You can design to fit the theme – Have you guessed, ours is pink!
  • A great place to store toys.
  • A special place to sit for stories.
  • Customer service is 5 star which makes ordering super easy and fun to do.
  • With safety in mind, each box comes with a soft close hinge to stop little fingers getting bashed!
  • Child safe paints are used.
  • Fabrics and foams are all fire safe and comply with regulations.
  • The wood used to make the boxes is Forest Friendly – find out more about this on their website.

These beautiful toy boxes retail between £154.99 – £214.99 depending on the size.

To purchase a Toy Box from Dreambox, pop onto their website and take a look!


7 thoughts on “Dreambox, Toy Boxes – Review”

  1. Musings of a tired mummy...zzz...

    Storage is an issue in our house. Love how creative you have been together as a family with this.

  2. Oooooh that box is beautiful! I’m still on a hunt for a prefect one for D and I’m pretty sure I’m going to DIY it at one point haha 😀

  3. Wow, the box is beautiful, storage is always an issue in our house and something like that would be perfect.
    I love the picture of your girls with all the packaging x

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