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Gifts for Little Hands is dedicated to bringing big smiles to little faces


The girls birthday was approaching. I had been sat at the computer most nights looking through the internet trying to find ‘different toys’ to give the girls as presents. What do you give a two year old who has everything, actually what do you give twins who have TWO of everything!

Even as a teacher, I sometimes find it hard to know what will inspire them, encourage learning and be age appropriate. I believe all toys have an element of being ‘educational’ but feel it often depends how us as adults model toys with their children to what they actually get out of that toy. If we model learning opportunities for them, they can they apply these skills when playing independently.

Whilst searching, I came across this cute little website called ‘Gifts for Little Hands’ which answered a lot of my questions. One of the first things I loved about the website, was the options section. As soon as you go on to their page there are two very helpful subheading tabs – ‘Shop by Age’ and ‘Shop by Milestone’. This is brilliant for any parent as it instantly gives you ideas about what to buy – age specific.


The Company

The founder of ‘Gifts for Little Hands’ is a mum herself – two boys, aged 4 and 5.   She believes that learning through play supports a child’s learning journey which is essential to prepare them for school.

Gifts for Little Hands was set up in 2015 and works with the best Early Years experts who are dedicated to helping all parents, carers and teachers find the ideal products for children. They only source the best products from educational suppliers across Europe that meet EU and UK standards.


The Product – Goula Clic’Educ

We received two different Clic’ Educ sets – A purple princess set and a red transport set. The colours are striking and very child friendly. 21369638_10159251934845324_5350090679140045329_n This toy has many educational elements and is a great way to improve children’s spacial awareness, shape and colour recognition, problem solving skills. As well as their fine-motor and co-ordination skills.


The toy has a transparent plastic front so children can see the pictures that are slotted behind. Children can use the coloured pieces to match the picture in the background and ‘clic’ them onto the correct area. The game includes pictures such as mermaids, princesses and different animals. The set includes a case with transparent plastic base, 48 plastic pieces in 8 different colours, 8 sheets with illustrated activities on both sides, and stickers. This is ideal for children aged from 2-4 years.


The Popitha Experience

When we gave the toys to the girls, they were very excited to find out what it did. Their awareness of ‘toys’ has changed recently and they have become very interested in problem solving/hands on games. They loved the different coloured counters and I was immediately asked the colours. I had already popped a picture in the back of the board for them to get going with. They simply just slot in down the back and you can keep all of the unused cards their too.

To start with, I let them explore. I always give the twins time to do this to see what they make of things. They took the counters and started placing them into the grid.


The girls didn’t colour match to start with but this was ok. It was still working on their hand/eye co-ordination and fine motors skills which links to handwriting later on.


I then took the next step and moved the learning forward by starting to complete the picture, explaining what I was doing and saying the colours as we put in. The girls were so chuffed to be getting it right!


I also played with the girls and asked them to pass certain colours which they enjoyed.

He I was saying to Tabitha, ‘Can you find the green on the butterfly?’,  ‘Now find me a green counter’.

This is a great toy to take on holiday too as you store the counters behind the pictures and it turns into its own carry case! I really am impressed by this toy and would highly recommend it to anyone. It gets 5 stars from us!

This product retails at £20.00 per set from

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