Morrck Splasha Towels – Review

19260730_10158821576985324_2735777897445617180_nAnd so with our bags pack, and lots of them, we couldn’t wait to go. A weeks holiday in Cornwall, home of the surf – not sure we will be surfing this time around though! The girls, now 23 months old, seemed ready to ‘go play’ and ‘run free’ on beaches! Digging holes in the sand, building sandcastles and jumping in and out of the waves.

Just before we left, Morrck offered us two ‘Splasha’ towels to review. Of course I jumped at the chance! I have used Morrck blankets in the past and can’t rate the company highly enough. The Splasha Towels haven’t failed to impress.


I think I’m right I’m saying that most families have a hooded towel because they make life so much easier and let’s face it, anything that makes life easier wins my vote. During our week away we spent days at the beach and early evenings swimming in the on-site pool. Having two soggy, cold toddlers is never fun for anyone. To have a towel, that I can quickly get them into is a necessity.


What we love about the ‘Splasha’ towel is that they are so practical. It is like an adult towelling robe but better. Unlike a lot of children’s towels, the Splasha has arms and two large easy to fasten buttons – one around the waist and one on the top of the shoulder. Once fastened by the two buttons, the towel stays put stopping the child from getting cold. It makes it easy to dry your child and still get nappies on. The towel is also great for teaching your toddler to dry themselves without it falling off. Whilst I am getting dried after a swim, the girls copy me and I can tell them what to do – great for independent girls who think they don’t need mummies help anymore!

The Key Features

  • Made from soft cotton velour towelling
  • Suitable for babies 6 months – 5 years in 3 sizes
  • Made to last a good few years means you really do get value for money! Just roll the sleeves up early on, and then down again as they grow.
  • Arms for a comfy fit.
  • Easy to get on and fasten – no over the head struggles. The Splash has two buttons to fasten the towel in place.
  • Available in 5 colours – Pink, Turquoise, Navy, Green & Red


5 Reasons Why to Choose ‘Splasha’ Towels by Morrck

  1. Easy to get on.
  2. They stay on with their two buttons.
  3. Good fitting with room to grow – no need for a new one every year!
  4. You can take them anywhere and use for swimming, the beach or bathtimes.
  5. The come in 3 different sizes so you can use them for both babies and toddlers – now all we need are matching adult ones!


At just £19.95, these are great value for money and you will get years out of them! If you are a TAMBA (Twin and Multiple Birth Association) member – remember to claim your 10% discount with Morrck!

To purchase the ‘Splasha’, pop onto their website –

If you are a TAMBA member, give them a call to claim your discount on 01908 263925.




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