Potty Training Twins

I have done a lot of research recently on potty training twins. I feel I should have done more before now but time seems to have run away with me. However, it has been reassuring to read that there is no standard age at which a child is ready to start using a potty. Most children start to show interest and want to start to engage with the potty between 18 months  and 3 years old.

We all have to start somewhere right and calling on some of our favourite friends to introduce new concepts helps because it allows children to relate to a new situation; This means a lot of modelling and role playing from you the adult.  We need to make the transition to ‘big girls pants’ as simple and as stress free as possible – easier said than done, I know!

For those of you have toddlers, you will be very familiar with Bing. The Popitha Twins are now 2 years old and Bings biggest fans – they even have their own twin Bingsters! They are also at the beginning of their potty training journey so this was a very welcomed gift to us all as I was hoping Bing may be able to demonstrate just how it is done! Bing has already been a great asset to our family!


What can Bing do to help when potty training twins?

Squeeze his tummy and hear over 50 phrases. Listening to the girls conversations with Bing are super cute.

Bing says phrases such as…

‘Hi, I’m Bing. Are you ready to play? Can we play hide and seek? Press my tummy’

‘Hoppety vooooooooosh! Again, Again!’

‘I want to be it this time. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!!!! Ready…. lets go, go, go ,go, gooo!’

‘Story; I’m going to tell you a story. It’s a really nice one…’

‘I need to wee now, can you help me please?’

‘Oh nooooo, I tried to hold it in’

Here Poppy is pressing Bings tummy to make him talk.

Bing encourages little ones to play games but, when it is time to go to the loo, he tells you and you have to put him on the toilet, lift him off afterwards and the chain will flush.

Poppy is telling Tabitha that Bing needs to sit on his Potty.

Bing has a unique illuminating feature which shows he has wet himself. This is a great starting point for discussions with your child as they begin to recognise that he needs to sit on his potty. A unique illuminating feature shows that Bing has wet himself.


Bing is perfect for inspiring toilet training role play.

What Did Popitha Think?

5 stars all the way. The girls are completely in love with Bing and adore helping him use his potty. Every morning when they come downstairs, they say ‘Bing potty’ and run to the lounge where they put Bing on his potty. The routine with him will hopefully play an important role with themselves and their potty training journey.

Suitable from 2 years and batteries are included.

If you have toddlers, you may also be interested to read our other article on what the early signs are for potty training, how to deal with those little tantrums, and whether mum and dad should stay consistent when they try to play you off against each other!

** For the purpose of this article, we were gifted Bing, but all words and opinions are ours.

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