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REVIEW: Pregnancy Massage – Mummies Deserve To ‘Take Some Time’ For Themselves

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“Me” time… what’s that? It is so very rare in the Land of Mum.

With three children all under three, their needs are certainly plentiful. It is hard being a mum 24/7–all year long, for years and years. Sure, there are plenty of benefits (the love of your child, for one), but it’s a tough job—truly one of the toughest.

There never seems to be a second where someone or something doesn’t need me. Except one person is not getting any attention. That person is yours truly and this is why mums need to take some time for themselves. This is when I met Kia from ‘Take Some Time’, it was as if my fairy Godmother had just arrived at my door!

Kia Welham a qualified professional Massage therapist based in Chelmsford and surrounding areas across Essex. She is qualified to level 3 in pregnancy massage, Swedish Body Massage and Hot stone therapy massage. Kia is also a baby massage teacher.


Kia Believes that whichever capacity you wear your hat, Mum, Wife, Girlfriend, Sister, Daughter, it is so important not to feel guilty about wanting a bit of ‘ME’ time? You need to find/make some time occasionally to allow yourself to re connect, physically, spiritually and mentally. It will make you a stronger person to get you through the week.

What makes Kia special is that she offers mummies the whole relaxation package. Starting from pre-pregnancy, to pregnancy, to baby, to post pregnancy. You can either go to her, or she will come to you. Still loving the sound of it? You can’t not really can you! So here is a little more about what Kia offers.

Pregnancy Massage

The pregnancy massage is a wonderful relaxing massage and a much needed treatment for mums to be. This is suitable from 12 weeks of pregnancy. I started seeing Kia far too late really and at 35 weeks, I had my first pregnancy massage – it was amazing and wished I’d started at 12 weeks! She starts by massaging your back whilst leaning up against the massage bed, you then lie on the bed whilst she continues with the rest of your body. Legs, feet, arms, head and bump. All whilst listening to calm, soothing music. The whole package!

Mummy having a pregnancy massage

‘Mums Take Some Time’

I really love this idea, especially as once the children arrive, you barely get 5 minutes to yourself and this allows you to do so!

The Massage

After selecting your preferred oil you will choose either:

  • A 30min Back, Neck & shoulder massage (with or without Hot Stones)
  • A 20min Back, Neck & shoulder massage (with or without Hot Stones) and a 10min scalp massage
  • A 30min legs & feet massage (with or without Hot Stones)
  • A 20min Reiki healing & 10min scalp massage

The cost of this is a cost of £35pp which includes the massage, use of rooms at The Nesting Place, and entry at The Nurture Barn, hot & cold drinks, French stick, salad, veg, dips, crisps, & cake – not bad huh!!

Option 1

The Nesting Place, Chelmsford.

Monday AM or PM or a Friday AM or PM in Chelmsford.

You’ll need 6 mums with babies under 1 that you know well. There will be a room set up with multi-sensory equipment to keep any babies entertained whist you take it in turns to look after one another’s babies so you can come into the next room for a massage.



Option 2

The Nurture Barn, Great Bardfield

Suitable for mums with little angels under 5 years! It works as above in that you take turns to watch each other’s children before going in for your own massage.



Baby Massage

Mummies with little bundles from 6 weeks old and beyond get together at one of your homes or at The Nesting Place in Chelmsford for one morning or afternoon each week for 4 weeks.

Each week Kia will go over the baby massage routines, discuss the amount of pressure that is safe to use on your baby, and then move onto new routines. Each routine is taught 3 times and handouts given so you can repeat these at home.

baby massage

Other Services ‘Take Some Time” Offer


Hot Stone Massage

The benefits of a hot stone massage include Increased state of a deeper relaxation, aids relief of muscular and joint pain and circulation regulation. It also Helps to decrease levels of stress, anxieties and depression


You can choose from three different packages;

  • 30 min Taster Package £30
  • 60 min De-stress massage £50
  • 90 min Indulgence £60

woman getting a hot stone massage at a day spa

Swedish Massage

Swedish Body Massage involves many different types of touch, pressure and movements which are applied on the skin and underlying tissues to release muscular tension, relieve pain, facilitate healing from injury, alleviate stress, relaxes the body and enhances wellbeing.


There are 7 different packages for the Swedish massage ranging from Scalp, back, neck and shoulder, to full body. Prices start at £12 to £45. To see the full range, click HERE.


You can get in touch with Kia for your pregnancy massage or to book another package on Email info@takesometime.co.uk or Mobile 07814657418

 Take some time pregnancy bump

So allow yourself a little ‘You’ time and get booking today. And if you don’t live in Essex, this is a good reminder to find someone who can help to take everyday stresses away too!

** I was gifted some free massages in exchange for this post but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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