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It’s getting to that awful time of year again where bugs circulate like wild fire. Week after week we will have children coughing and splattering in our faces, green snot dribbles down from their nose into their mouths and we will start reaching out to the medicine cupboard. I am sure you dreading it as much as me!

Up until now we had been very lucky with the twins as they have never needed antibiotics. They have a had the odd cough and cold but nothing serious. Then a few weeks ago, Tabitha went down with tonsillitis. It was heartbreaking to see her in so much pain. Typically it was a bank holiday weekend so we had to call 111 who got us an appointment to see the out of hours doctor and of course we came home with our first bottle of antibiotics.

The girls have always been happy to take Calpol, and often ask for more (which we don’t give of course!). However, penicillin was a whole different ball game. To be fair, it did taste pretty nasty but in order for them to get better, she had to take it.

These little people are so clever. I had hoped that they wouldn’t notice the difference between the two, oh of course she did – one was bright pink and one was orange! The pink one was nice, the orange one wasn’t! Tabitha did everything possible not to take the medicine – hide, cry, run away, even stuff her teddy in her mouth. As a parent, I was finding it stressful and really upsetting. Then one day I surprised her with the ‘Spilly Spoon’. This spoon is designed to introduce a fun element into what can be a stressful situation, Spilly Spoon is the non-spill medicine spoon.

Tabitha’s little eyes lit up at the caterpillar themed spoon. It was a spoon designed with the child in mind. It is both appealing and child friendly whilst still being practical for mums and dads. It holds up to 10ml of liquid medicine and the spoon can be laid flat on a work surface, enabling you to pick up your child and administer the medicine without spilling.

The spoon is also very easy for little hands to hold without them spilling the medicine. It gives them the independence that they are looking for and it makes taking it fun.

At just £4.99 Spilly Spoon is a unique practical product that can help reduce the stress of having a sick child. It can even make it a little more fun! It is completely dishwasher and steriliser safe. To buy your Spilly Spoon, click here.

Everything about Spilly Spoon has been designed with safety in mind. And that’s why it has been approved by the most important safety bodies in the UK, including the Baby Products Association.

** This product was gifted for the purpose of the review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.



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    1. They really are great. My girls say ‘more, more’ when they use them. Obviously they don’t have more, we just fill it with water!

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