Sylvanian Families – An All Time Favourite!

Put your hand up if you played with Sylvanian Families as a child… Me too and my mother still has it all today. It’s strange how we get excited about introducing our own children to our favourite childhood toys. But inevitably the Sylvanian Family range has just got better over the years and the variety of accessories which are available now are amazing. Your collection is able to grow and grow with your child’s imagination.

What is the Product?

The Family Saloon Car belongs to the ‘Chocolate Rabbit Family’. (Any family can of course own this!). There are four members of the Chocolate Rabbit family; Mummy, Daddy, Brother and sister, all with moveable arms and legs. They are a great size for toddlers little hands.


The Saloon Car is a funky retro vehicle, which is great for any Sylvanian Family. In a vibrant red, this car stands out from the crowd.


When pushed, the wheels move well across both carpet and wooden or tilled floor smoothly.


Great care has been taken to replicate a dash board of a car.


The boot opens to store the picnic set in.


The front bumper can be pulled out to reveal a nifty picnic table, and there are 2 trays which can be clipped into the car or popped in to the roomy boot when they’re not being used. If you do love to travel, then this is the perfect addition your collection.



The car comes with a table, child’s seat for the baby, 2 trays, a lunch box, 4 sandwiches, 1 basket and 2 juice cans. Everything you need for a perfect family day out with a delicious picnic.


The Popitha Twins’ Thoughts

I hadn’t introduced the girls to any Sylvanian Families until now, so I was looking forward to seeing their reactions. They both love animals so I was hoping that this would get their seal of approval.

I won’t say they started happily playing with the car, because they didn’t. As always when we have one of something, they argued over it, but I stand my ground when I say they need to learn to share! Don’t get me wrong, we have two of lots of things, I can’t cope with them always arguing, twins is all about survival! So after a little chat about sharing, they were happily playing together and both had a role. Poppy with the car, and Tabitha with the Rabbits, or ‘babbits’ as they call them!


The girls were able to manover the car easily with their hands, and the boot was easily opened and closed.



They were able to put the bunnies inside the car to take them for a ride. They loved this!


As well as the toys themselves, the Saloon Car comes with its own cute little storybook. This will get the children’s imagination going!


The story, together with the toys triggered discussions about going on a picnic. We chatted about what we would take, what they would like in their picnic and where we would go. Speaking with your children about relevant topic enhances and extend their vocabulary so make sure you use different adjectives when describing things from time to time. I then suggested the girls take the ‘Rabbit Family’ on a picnic, so they got everything together, packed up the car and went for a little drive.




I can’t wait to start growing our collection, there is so much I’d like to get for the girls, I don’t know what to get next. Although, I think it might have to be a set of twins each!! Good job Christmas is on its way!


The Family Saloon Car retails at £21.99 and the Chocolate Bunny Family £17.99.

To purchase the Sylvanian Families Family Saloon Car or Chocolate Bunny Family click here.


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