Tuck n’ Snug – Review

12313641_511361289043016_486496554018273518_nWhen my twin girls turned 18 months, winter was in full throws. They were both wearing 2.5 tog sleeping bags with a blanket over the top in their cots. I never put this on until I went to bed because they didn’t stay still for long enough for it to stay put. But come 4 am, the inevitable had happened, the blanket was off and little grizzles would come from the bedroom to have their blanket put back on. So up I got and back to sleep I went.

Finding ‘Tuck n’ Snug’

One day I spotted ‘Tuck n’ Snug’ on Facebook and felt my christmases had all come at once (oh how your life changes with children!!). I contacted Annabel, whom herself is a mummy, and understood my dilemma. I had a long chat with her about the fact the girls were still in cots and were they suitable, to which she said ‘yes, they are perfect because they come in cot bed size’. I thought to myself that this is a great ‘next step’ before introducing duvets on their own. So I put a thin blanket inside and guess what…. I got a full nights sleep! The covers stayed on perfectly and were a big hit with the girls. I was surprised how easy it was to put the bedding on the first time we did it. It was quick, easy and far less complicated than I thought. The girls snuggled into the duvets so well and guess what, they slept, and they slept, and they slept….’Tuck ‘N’ Snug’ has my vote!

I then mentioned I was going on holiday – ‘It’s perfect to take away’ she said, and she was right, it fo18402876_617009165160799_1087675771877653719_nlds up small and is very light, so in the case it went. I love the fact that we can take the  ‘Tuck ‘N’ Snug’ on holiday because children need home comforts and familiarity to help them sleep when they are away, and lets face it, more importantly us parents need their sleep too!!.  When we were on holiday we just used the sheets without a blanket or duvet as it was so warm, but it worked a treat and the girls went to sleep quickly even in unfamiliar surroundings. I feel that this is now a essential item on my ‘to pack’ list when travelling because you never know what bedding is going to be like when you are on holiday and a full night sleep is the one thing us parents need!

So, 5 reasons why to buy ‘Tuck N Snug’

  1.    It is east to put on,  wriggleproof and stays on ALL night!
  2.    Fun designs children love!
  3.    Comes in cot bed and single bed sizes, and therefore suits all ages.
  4.    Can be taken on holiday.
  5.    No more getting up in the night!


To purchase your ‘Tuck n’ Snug’ bedding, visit www.tucknsnug.co.uk

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