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5 Ways to Make Flying Comfortable When You’re Pregnant With Twins

Travelling is a great way to escape the stresses of everyday life. But there’s a bit more to think about when you’re pregnant, with comfort being one of your main priorities, especially when travelling while pregnant.


While there’s no doubting the speed and convenience of flying, it’s not always the most comfy way to travel. There are long queues, not-so-spacious seats, and tiny toilet facilities. This is enough of a problem at the best of times, never mind when you’re expecting and need to be more careful.


Luckily, there are some simple steps to making the whole experience easier. Here are five things you can do to make yourself comfortable on a flight when you’re pregnant.

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1. Make sure your flight is less than three hours long

The longer the flight, the more time you spend cooped up, and the more exhausted you’ll be at the start and end of your trip. This is the last thing you want — especially when you’re going away to relax!


Look at short-haul destinations when you’re deciding where to go, sticking to a flight time of three hours at an absolute maximum, and it’ll be easier to feel refreshed when you get off the plane. You’ll avoid the dreaded jet lag as well.

2. Wear layers

Sometimes it gets cold on the plane. Sometimes it gets stuffy and hot. You never really know which one it’ll be, and sometimes you’ll experience different temperatures during the same flight. Layer up and you can adapt to suit the situation.


Start with a vest top or T-shirt as a base layer, then wear a long-sleeved top and a jacket or cardigan over the top. Leggings or a long skirt work well on your bottom half, and don’t forget to wear supportive shoes such as trainers or sandals.


3. Bring a pillow

You might want to sleep, or you might want some extra support for your back. Either way, a travel pillow (or a small pillow from home) will help you feel more settled.

Airplane flying with a view out of the window

4. Pack water and snacks

Holiday safe’s pregnancy travel guide highlights the importance of making sure you get enough fluid throughout the day. This is especially important on a plane, where the air is drier, which could lead to you getting thirsty quicker.


Bring an empty water bottle with you through security, then fill it up from a water cooler or at a restaurant once you’re in departures.

It’s also a good idea to keep some snacks in your hand luggage to keep hunger at bay. Travelling by plane involves a lot of waiting around, so you don’t want to get hangry, or worse, start feeling nauseous or dizzy from lack of food.

The best snacks for travel:

  • Fruit pots
  • Homemade sandwiches
  • Trail mix
  • Cereal bars
  • Wholemeal crackers

5. Stretch regularly and wear flight socks

Deep vein thrombosis is a very real risk when you’re pregnant — both stretching and flight socks help enormously.


Flight socks work by gently applying pressure to your ankles to boost blood flow. The NHS suggest asking a pharmacist for advice when you buy a pair so you get the right fit.


Stretching is another good way to increase your circulation and reduce the risk of DVT. You’ll also be less stiff and sore when you get off the plane. Taking regular walks down the plane aisle helps, too.

The best plane stretches for pregnant women:

  • Rotate your ankles
  • Flex and point your feet
  • Roll your shoulders in both directions
  • Lower and raise your chin
  • Roll your head from side to side
  • Stretch your arms up above your head

Lady with a pregnancy bump on the beach

How do you make yourself comfortable when you fly? Let me know in the comments.

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