Twins wearing swimming bag from Little Life UK

7 Holiday Essentials Your Twins Shouldn’t Travel Without!

Are you like me and always looking for products and gadgets to make your life easier when going on holiday with little ones. I am forever searching the internet to see what I can find. For our recent trips, I found some real crackers! Let me know what you think of these.


Time Out Bags for Travel

Often when travelling it means that your little ones are stuck sat in one place for hours on end and as parents you are constantly having to think of ideas to keep them amused. For parents this can be the most anxious part of the trip! For me it feels like I am sitting on a time bomb waiting for them to explode. Generally, it does happen at some point but I am always looking for new toys and ideas to keep the girls happy for as long as possible.

Time out bags are a new company who make bags to help keep children of all ages entertained during travel and in those moments of need on holiday. Each eco-friendly re-usable cotton drawstring bag contains a selection of educational books, games, toys and healthy snacks aimed at your child’s age.

The bags were great and kept them amused in the car for ages! I decided not to give them the whole bag all at once as I knew they would be dropping bits left, right and centre so I divided it into 4 lots and kept exchanging it.  We even took them to lunch one day to keep the girls amused whilst waiting for our food! They are very easy to throw in the car and go!


Summer Infant Liv Cam

As we were going on our first glamping holiday, we knew that we would be without electricity for a few days. I still rely on my video monitor massively at home and it was one item that I always take away and for glamping, it wasn’t going to work. I guess they are old enough to be without now but I like to be able to see what they are up to without going in and out of their room every two mins. I then came across this travel monitor by Summer Infants. The camera works without the need of Wi-Fi or a mobile phone service – perfect, just what I needed. See the full review HERE (coming soon). This is a must have for all travellers!


Snuggle Sacs

More often than not, hotels and holiday cottages require you to take your own bedding for children still in cots. Before we found out about the Snuggle Sacs, we used to take the girls duvets which took up a huge amount of room in the car, room that we needed for all the other ‘stuff’ that toddlers come with!

Snuggle Sacs are cosy sleep sacs designed to replace conventional bedding. They come in 4 sizes to cater for toddlers (from 12 months) through to adults and they are perfect for travelling (an equally as good to snuggle in at home too!). You will also find lots of different fab designs on their websites – there certainly is something for everyone!

We found these perfect for our glamping trip as they really kept the girls warm in chilly conditions but were equally as great for our cottage stay holidays.


Little Life Swimming Bag

These are another little gem that your children will love! Whether you are going for a trip to the beach or the swimming pool, these Little Life Character Swimming Bags are perfect for children to carry their swimming essentials in. The twins wouldn’t take them off!!

Twins wearing swimming bag from Little Life UK

They are small enough for toddlers to wear, and big enough to fit their towel and swimwear in. They come in 4 different fun fish and frog designs. Tough, bright, water-resistant and fun, with easy-to-open buckles, a large opening and enough space for all of their swim kit.



Talking of towels, we always like to take our own towels away with us for the girls, and if the accommodation has a pool, they often stipulate that you bring your own pool towel with you. A lot of baby towels are fab for babies but as the children get older and outgrow them and it can be really hard to find other good quality fun towels for them.

soak and sleep duck themed towels

The Soak&Sleep towels are super soft, wash well and come in two fabulous designs; a duck and a dinosaur. And can you believe it, they are suitable for children 2-7 yrs olds!! The girls were so excited when they found theirs in their swimming bag!

soak and sleep duck and dinosaur themed towels

Little Life First Aid Kit

I have been thinking for a while that we should probably invest in a first aid kit for the girls. We got caught out a short while back after they had both fallen over and we realised then we didn’t have anything to tend to their poorly grazed knees and we certainly didn’t have anything for a more serious accident!

Little Life family first air kit

Little Life have designed a well-equipped kit for parents to use on their travels. The Family First Aid Kit is ideal for days out or family holidays. It contains all the necessary basic first aid items you are likely to need to treat most common injuries. Take a look here to see what the kit includes.


Little Life Car Sun Shades

Even with blacked out windows the girls still moan about the sun being in their eyes and having broken several of the pull down ones, I was ready to travel a new design! These car sun shades are the perfect way to keep glare out of children’s eyes on car journeys. The sunshades fit over most car door shapes, blocking 70% of UV rays whilst the mesh fabric does not obstruct the view. And what is even better, car windows can still be opened and closed.

Do you have any other holiday essentials that you always take away with you to make your life easier? Then do let us know in the comments!

**The products you see above were gifted to us to aid the article but all thoughts and opinions are Popitha’s.

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