Camping With Children: Here’s How To Make It Easy!

Ah, vacations. We all love them, and when the children aren’t at school or being home educated, the best thing to do is go away and enjoy the spoils of the world around you. The thing is, vacations can be so expensive and if you’re trying to save money, you need a solution that suits everyone. We have one for you: camping!

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Camping out in nature is so much fun – but we can already hear your apprehension at bringing children with you along for the adventure. Children are unpredictable, and you want to be able to enjoy nature as much as you can – and you can with the kids, too. So, let’s check out how you can make a camping vacation with the kids as easy as possible!

  • Keep Your Expectations Real. Even with the best intentions, children can work hard. Be realistic in your expectations with your children and their behaviour, and make sure that you find the right campsite for the whole family. Some campsites don’t allow children, and others don’t have shower or toilet facilities, which you will need with kids around! You will need to bring equipment – probably more than usual – if your kids are little. Diaper bags, portable potties and portable sterilising kits for bottles if you use them are all necessities!
  • Keep The Kids Warm. You are in nature, and nature doesn’t care about your comfort! So, you need to make sure that the kids are kept both warm and dry. Keep spares of clothes in the car boot or in the suitcase so that the rain (if any) doesn’t get onto them. Bring travel rugs from Glencroft Countrywear to wrap the kids in in the sleeping bag so that they stay warm in the evenings. Tents are great, but they’re not exactly well insulated. When you camp, there’s nowhere to go inside to take shelter, unless you bring a campervan. Clothing layers and hats are your best friends when you camp!
  • Bring Entertainment. Children are great at having fun, but that doesn’t mean that they will be entertained by an empty field all day long. Keeping the kids happy is a must, and you should consider bringing entertainment with you. Colouring books, sports kits for games and some of their favourite toys will have a place on your trip!
  • Safety First. Bring a spare First Aid Kit with you while you’re away and be aware of the boundaries of the campsite. You need to make sure that the kids are supervised at all times. You are on a vacation, but that doesn’t mean that you can relax enough to let them go running off alone. You need to keep them as safe as possible at all times.


Camping is a great way to get time with the family and be in nature for a change. The beach is beautiful and flying is fun, but you can teach the kids valuable life skills while you are away as a family. When all else fails, have an emergency bottle of wine ready for after bedtime!


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