Wanna be the girl everyone loves to have around? This is how you do it.

We all know that girl. The one who makes heads turn when she passes by, the one people crave conversations with, the one no one can seem to hate because that’s just how lovely she is to be around. Seeing the love and devotion a person like that attracts, we might all want to be that girl. Fortunately, it’s not an impossible task that you have to lose loads of sleep over. Instead, it’s a matter of understanding what attracts good connections and what helps you maintain them. These are the fundamental changes that can help you become everyone’s favourite person to be around.

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Know who you are:

The first step is to be fully aware of who you are as a person. When you’re interacting with people of all walks of life and hoping to have positive relationships built on mutual respect, you need to be able to hold your own. You need to be someone who people deem worthy of care without being asked to give it. That’s only possible when you know who you are as a person, and you can use it to build yourself a name in the room.

So be clear with yourself about your principles and your morals. Know your boundaries and remember to never compromise on them.


Be open to new things:

No one likes being best friends with someone who can’t step out of their comfort zone or take the time to try something new every once in a while. New experiences help us explore our true selves. They keep us in touch with what we like, what we don’t and how far we’re willing to go to have a little fun.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to go sky diving every weekend, but you could try a new hobby with your friends and who knows, you might find something that gives you a lot of pleasure. You’ll be someone who doesn’t shy away from the chance to have more fun, and that’s a trait everyone could use every once in a while.


Don’t forget to learn:

Have you ever wondered why no one likes a know-it-all? It’s because those people pretend to have the answer to everything; they act as if nothing fazes them and nothing can bring them down. But, of course, everyone knows that’s impossible, and maybe that’s why know-it-alls are hated so often. People can’t relate to them, and it’s hard to form connections with people you can’t relate to.

When you accept that there will be some things out of your reach, some questions you won’t be able to answer, you open yourself up to learning more. You allow yourself to learn from the people around you and their experiences. This way, you become a better listener and a better companion for a conversation.

Being vulnerable and saying you don’t know the answer to a question will remind people that you’re human, just like them and still curious about the world. This will automatically make you someone who inspires motivation and pushes other people to make the most of their lives.

Don’t forget to be kind:

Maybe you’ve heard kindness is a virtue that goes a long way, But you won’t know how important it is until you see the good it brings your way. Kindness is so highly placed on the scale of virtues because a kind person provides comfort as no one else can. When someone’s upset, they’ll avoid harsh company, and they’ll want to be around the people whom they know will only offer comfort. You can give your friends constructive advice and still be kind. That is the most significant gift you can bestow upon them or yourself. You will not attract respect out of fear this way, instead only out of love. When respect is built on fear, it vanishes when someone’s power does too. Respect built on love, however, stays for the long run because it is a genuine aspect.


Final word:

Being the girl everyone aches to be around isn’t as complicated as it may sound. All you need is to know who you are and how you can be a better person every day. It doesn’t just add peace to other people’s minds regarding you; it also helps you live more comfortably.

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