Why More Of Us Than Ever Intend To Holiday Close To Home This Year

The challenges of the past year have changed the ways that we do near enough everything. Now, we’re embracing different ways of working, new forms of socialisation and, as we’re going to discuss here, new ways of holidayingEven with all restrictions set to come to an end by the end, an astounding amount of us are still looking to holiday closer to home this year. In some ways, this is due to the obvious health risks of travel further afield, but that’s not the only reason.

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In fact, this past year has taught us all a thing or two about the joys of more localised holidays that don’t require planes or extensive planning. Here, we’re going to look at what those lessons are, and what exactly they mean for our holidays moving forward.


Lesson 1 – There’s plenty of variety close to home

For those of us who always head overseas, the past year has taught us just how much variety there is right here at home. From the bustling cityscapes of London through to peaceful beach fronts like Woolacombe, UK family holidays have got it all. Locations like Wales are actually famed for their varied landscapes. You’d certainly struggle to beat award-winning beaches like Tenby, even if you travelled five hours to achieve the goal. 


Lesson 2 – No flights means no hassle

With flights largely off the cards for over a year, many of us are also realising that it’s not such a bad thing to do away with that hassle. After all, even short flights tend to gobble up an entire two days of our trips as we wait around, mess with luggage, and try to manage airport transport. By comparison, closer to home trips take all that hassle out of the process, freeing you to enjoy every single day of your stay in its entirety. Rather than rushing to fit with flight timetables, even your arrival and departure days can become fun parts of your trip this way. Self-check-in Airbnb’s are especially useful for this, as they ensure that it really doesn’t matter what time you arrive. 


Lesson 3 – Less cost means more trips


On average, holidays abroad cost around £1,000 per person. For a family of four, this means that even one trip often takes an entire year to save towards. But, trips closer to home remove a great deal of that cost, with flights automatically out of the equation, and accommodation typically a little more affordable. As such, more families are finding that they can stretch to two or perhaps three trips closer to home for the same amount that they’d spend on one stay abroad. This is a fantastic lesson in the benefits of holidaying on a budget, and you won’t even have to make many compromises to enjoy them!


Don’t get us wrong; holidays in the sun are always going to be a tempting option. But, with these lessons in mind, it might just be worth looking at nearer shores this year and beyond.


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