Seven Child’s Bedroom Ideas To Make Them Encourage Them To Sleep Alone

Seven Child’s Bedroom Ideas To Make Them Encourage Them To Sleep Alone


It’s always a big moment when your child is ready to sleep in their own bedroom without you being there. Of course, there may be a little difference of opinion about when that time is! It’s recommended that you sleep in the same room as your child until they’re at least six months old to watch out for any health risks. Every parent is going to have their own opinion about when the perfect time is to move their child into their own bedroom, and it is likely going to be a process that takes some time.


Part of encouraging your child to sleep alone is creating a welcoming, safe, and sleep-friendly bedroom. Now, it’s important to remember that every child is different and what will send one off to dreamland in an instant may be the very thing that stops yours from dropping off. But there are a few ideas that can create a space that will help them feel like they’re in their bedroom that’s theirs.

Start With The Colour Scheme

Every kid has a few favourite colours. It might change week to week, but generally speaking, they’ll have their consistent number one. It might feel like a bright idea to paint your child’s first bedroom that shade but remember that you want a calming and peaceful colour. Bright red or lime green is probably not the way to go. Softer tones like light blues and creams are a gentler touch and help make your child feel calmer.


Find The Right Carpeting

Why is carpeting so important for a child’s bedroom? Well, for one thing, you want a nice soft tone and feel to suggest that this is a space for gentle relaxation. Another key factor is the acoustics of the room. You don’t want to be stomping over a hardwood floor when you’re helping your child towards bed. Carpeting can soften the harsher acoustics in the room and bring that softness that you’re looking for in the ideal sleep space. A good carpet fitter will be able to get that perfect surface all set up so your child will be snoozing in comfort. If you’re looking for carpet fitters near you, then head over to MyBuilder. You can browse a range of carpet fitters and look at feedback from their previous clients. That way, you can be confident that you’re finding the perfect contractor for the job.


Bring In The Toys

There’s a fine balance to making sure that your child has enough of their toys in their room to feel comforted but not so many that they feel stimulated. Generally, it’s probably a good idea to make sure that there aren’t any electronics in the room. Mobile phones and tablets may be associated with games, for example, so best to leave them out. Music will be covered in just a second, but the main thing to focus on is the soft, cuddly toys that they go to for comfort.


Lighting Is Key

It’s perfectly normal for a child to be a little scared of the dark. For example, a child with an active imagination is not going to struggle to think of things that could be lurking there. So don’t be worried if they insist on having a nightlight. The key is finding lighting that is warm, soft, and comforting. You’re also going to want to find curtains that can keep the light out and keep the heat in during cold weather. A nightlight can be a lovely idea.


Music And Sound

A lot of people find that the right kind of music or ambient sound can help them drift off to sleep, and kids are no different. As mentioned earlier, it’s probably better if you can avoid leaving any electronics that they associate with entertainment in their bedroom. A speaker that can be operated remotely is a safer bet. The right kind of music or ambient sound will probably depend on each individual child, but lullabies have been working for centuries. But remember that routine is key so try to be consistent.


Keep Things Tidy

This is not about scolding anyone for having a hard time keeping up with the chaos that children can cause! But a messy room can be a stimulating room. It can be more restful if everything is tidied away when you take your child to bed so that there’s nothing to focus on except getting some shut-eye.


What About A Chair For Mum Or Dad?

It’s not always an easy process to encourage a child to sleep alone. Part of the fine line is making sure that they feel comfortable and confident that you’re not too far away, without relying on you actually being in the same room as them. There’s no perfect answer to this question and a lot of it will depend on how firm you are comfortable being. So, if you’re worried that having a chair that’s clearly for you will make your child refuse to go to sleep without you in it, why not bring in a chair for some of their cuddly toys? That way, you can borrow it if they’re having a tough night, but everyone knows it’s really for the bear.


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