How Can You Celebrate a Twin’s Birthday?

When you have a multiple birthday, meaning twins or even more, you may want to make each birthday incredibly special. While this can simplify some aspects, such as needing to only plan once per year, it can make other areas more difficult. Not only do you need to purchase numerous presents for numerous children all at once, but you may also need to consider whether to host a birthday party too. The main struggle in this can occur when your children have different hobbies and tastes, meaning some ideas may suit one child but not the other.

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Buying gifts for twins can be fairly simple. You may want to set the same budget for each child, and then purchase items depending on their interests. You might find a number of mind blowing gifts for 5 year old boys online, or alternatively a single, epic present for the same price. As the number of gifts that each child has may differ, it might be worth explaining to older children that the same amount of money has been spent on both. For younger children, you may want to take extra care to try and give each child the same number of presents in case of jealousy issues.


Even though your twins may have shared your womb together, they are completely different people. Even identical twins may like opposing things to one another. One of the pitfalls you may want to avoid when celebrating a twin birthday can be to assume that, because one child likes or dislikes something, the opinion of the other will be the same. When it comes to your children’s birthday presents and parties, you may want to still treat them as individuals. This might mean that you do something small to celebrate on their actual birthday, and then have separate parties for them at another time. Separate celebrations could allow them to each spend time with their chosen friends and have their own time to shine, rather than having to share the spotlight with one another.


Rather than putting the pressure on yourself to need to save money and buy items in the weeks coming up to your twins’ birthday, you could instead utilize a saving challenge throughout the entire year. This can help you to create a pool of funds that can be used for presents, parties, and food, without putting so much of a strain on your money for that month. You may want to think about other special occasions, such as the birthdays for other children, your partner, family, and even Christmas when deciding on how much to save.


Having twins can be absolutely amazing, especially if they have a close bond. While some children may enjoy getting to share their birthday with a sibling, others may want their day to be a bit more autonomous. By considering your finances, as well as the wishes of your children, you could plan them their own birthday celebrations that they will really thank you for.


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