Preparing A Bedroom For A New Baby: Tips for Decorating A Safe Sanctuary

Every newborn deserves their own space. They demand it, with all the accessories and supplies of disposables, they need to get through each day. Welcoming a new child with a nursery just for them is the perfect way for the family to say hello, but how do you get the set-up looking chic and functional? These top tips should cure the headache of daycare decor, and keep your kid quiet in the night. Better sleeps for baby, and for you!

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Design Ideas For A Functional And Cosy Space

Choosing the right colours and themes for your baby’s nursery is important to create a calming space that promotes relaxation and sleep. Soft pastel shades like light blues, greens, and pinks are popular choices for a soothing ambience. Avoid using bold and vibrant colours and patterns, as they can be overstimulating for your little one. Think about themes like nature, animals, or gentle patterns to create a serene environment and pick one for the new nursery.


Creating a healthy and safe environment starts with choosing non-toxic paints and materials for the nursery. Look for low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) or VOC-free paints to minimise harmful emissions. Find furniture made from natural, organic, or eco-friendly materials. There will be plenty going on in your home, so give yourself a break and get some help where you need it most. Search for local painters and decorators near you with MyBuilder. Go there and you can browse through painters and decorators like you’re shopping on Amazon. You can read reviews and study the photos to find the prime candidate for taking the stress out of decorating your new nursery.


Efficient furniture placement and organisation are key to maximising the functionality of the newborn’s bedroom. Nurseries have functions beyond bedtime after all. Begin designing your space by positioning the crib away from windows to prevent direct sunlight and drafts. Place working furniture pieces such as the changing table within easy reach, and with some room around it. Optimise storage by using baskets, bins, and shelves to keep nappies, baby clothes, and other essentials organised and easy to access.


Securing A Safe Environment For Your Baby

Your newborn’s basket of dreams needs to be a safe space. The crib is the centrepiece of the nursery. Make sure it meets safety standards and is comfortable for your baby, don’t use a family heirloom. Invest in a brand-new sturdy crib if you can, but if you are reusing a crib make sure you get a new mattress that meets all safety standards, fresh for your new child.


Your changing table needs ample storage space for nappies, wipes, and creams. This makes quick changes run smoothly. Use your storage furniture like dressers, closet organisers, and wall-mounted shelves to keep the nursery clutter-free, and never leave things on the floor.


Baby gates are essential for restricting access to potentially dangerous areas such as staircases or rooms with delicate items. Choose sturdy gates that can be securely mounted or pressure-mounted based on what fits in the space you have, which can be limited for stair gates. Install cabinet locks to keep curious little hands away from cleaning supplies, medications, and other hazardous substances. Double-check that all safety features are properly installed and functioning regularly.


Cords from window coverings, blinds, and electronics pose a strangulation risk for babies and toddlers. Use cordless window coverings or install cord safety devices to keep them out of reach. Tuck away and secure all the leads from lamps and other electronic devices to prevent entanglement. Cord covers or cord management systems can help you maintain a tidy and safe environment for baby.


Easy Sleeps, For Baby And For Parent

Swaddling can help soothe and calm newborns, promoting better sleep. Go for lightweight, breathable blankets made from natural fibres. Ensure that the blankets are large enough to provide a secure fit but are not too tight or restrictive. Take a look at sleep sacks with built-in swaddling features that offer a secure sleep and are easier to get on a baby that isn’t playing ball.


Breathability is essential for baby bedding and linens. Anything used in the crib needs to promote proper air circulation. This reduces the risk of overheating and gives your baby a safer, more comfortable sleep environment. Hypoallergenic fabrics are gentle on sensitive skin and reduce the risk of allergic reactions or skin irritations. Organic and natural fabrics are usually excellent options as they are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.


Soft textiles can add warmth and comfort to your baby’s nursery while enhancing the overall soft aesthetic. Plush rugs made from natural, durable materials are easy to clean and come in a wide enough range of designs for you to find one that fits in. Choose curtains or blinds that provide both privacy and light control while maintaining the soft and gentle atmosphere of the room. Wall hangings like tapestries or fabrics add visual interest and texture to your nursery walls, softening the cold and rigid lines of walls.


Put these tips together and your nursery is complete, all you need is the baby. Remember to think about safety first, and work with a quality painter and decorator to save yourself some stress. Congratulations on your new child and your new nursery.

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