Top Five Reasons for Taking Your Children to Turkey

At any age, travelling with children can seem like a daunting task, yet experts contend that it can greatly enhance development. Travel is said to broaden a child’s perspective, foster greater empathy for cultural differences and aid them in adapting to changing situations and circumstances. Remind yourself of these facts as you persuade them that Turkey is where they want to go!

Some parents loathe to admit it, but in many households, it’s the smallest version of a grown-up (who doesn’t earn a salary or pay rent) who makes the decisions! When you have a family meeting about the next big holiday destination, let this serve as a guide. Make the decision – sell it well!

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Why Turkey, they Asked?

Turkey is a great place for a family holiday. It offers experiences like none other. It could not be easier than checking here for the easiest way to get your visa and working on that itinerary immediately. Whether your “mini bosses” are into beaches, balloons, castles or shopping, there is something for everyone on offer. It’s all in the sell!


Turkey boasts some of the most fascinating and well-maintained castles. From real-life castles that are said to be haunted by malevolent spirits to others that are the subject of popular culture and folklore, your travel companions will relish hearing about the mysticism and history.

While Turkey doesn’t have a Disneyland, there are various theme parks, museums, and aquariums that feature pirate ships and fairy-tale castles to explore further.


Should your children be interested in scuba diving (they must be 8 or older) Turkey is on the top 100 list of dive sites worldwide. Here you can all experience the profusion of marine life and historical artefacts housed in the seas around Turkey. In Kas, you can even take your children on a sea kayaking adventure.


After exploring ala “The Little Mermaid”, your princes or princesses may be interested in checking out what’s on offer. The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul has a lengthy and illustrious history. With a labyrinth of covered streets and more than 3,000 independent sellers selling everything from carpets (think “Aladdin”) to jewellery to spices to souvenirs, it is often regarded as the oldest shopping mall in the world. It is hardly surprising, then, that it is one of the most visited attractions in Turkey.

Hot Air Ballooning

Another big drawcard to visiting Turkey with your children must be a hot air balloon flight over Cappadocia. Hundreds of balloons take to the air at sunrise and sunset, revealing the most extraordinary views that resemble a fantastical realm straight out of a fantasy novel or movie. The warm-coloured rocks have weathered into sculpture-like forms that resemble fairy chimneys, magic mushrooms, and minarets.


If none of these reasons sounds appealing, bring on the beaches! Many beautiful and lengthy beaches in Turkey boast calm seas, a laid-back vibe, and child-friendly settings. Golden beaches with comfortable sun loungers, umbrellas and changing areas make Turkish beaches a dream destination for families.  Additionally, you can take in the variety of restaurants, cafés, and shopping close at hand.

Turkey is the perfect destination for a special family trip where everyone gets to be the boss for a day! With so much on offer, you will be spoilt for choice as you make memories to last a lifetime.

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