Mother’s Day Gifts Every Mum Will Love

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about how to show your appreciation to the woman who gave you the gift of life. No pressure. If you’re anything like me, you love getting surprise gifts for Mother’s Day, birthdays or Christmas. Not only does it make the day a little more fun, but it also gives you a glimpse into what your kids (or other half) think you’ll really like. 

However, finding the perfect gift can always be a little challenging, so I’ve put together the ultimate list of Mother’s Day gifts that every Mum will love. If you’re looking for inspiration before you buy your gifts this year, here it is:

Afternoon Tea

Everyone loves an afternoon out at a swanky hotel or upmarket café and there’s no doubt every Mum would enjoy receiving a gift like this. However, planning a traditional afternoon tea could be difficult right now, particularly as lockdown restrictions are still in place. Fortunately, you don’t have to let this spoil your plans.

Many brands are delivering suppliers right to your door, so you can arrange for your Mum to receive a superb afternoon tea through the post. If you don’t live with your Mum but you want to make the day special, order one for yourself too and host a ‘virtual tea’. You’ll both enjoy the treats, and your Mum will be thrilled that she gets to spend a little extra quality time with you. 


Luxe Loungewear

We’ve all spent an excessive amount of time in loungewear this year and, let’s be honest, pyjamas are now categorised into ‘everyday wear’ and ‘special occasions’. If you want to give your Mum a gift she’ll use regularly, loungewear is definitely a worthy contender! 

From comfy pyjamas and toasty slippers to a cashmere cardigan or fluffy robe, there are loads of options to choose from. Mums rarely splurge when it comes to loungewear because, after all, you’re ‘only wearing it at home’ (or to the store…or out for a walk…). Treat your Mum to something a little more decadent this Mother’s Day and add some luxe loungewear to her wardrobe. 


Garden Accessories

With Spring fast-approaching, millions of Mums are eager to embrace the great outdoors and spend more time in their gardens. If your Mum is green-fingered, she’ll love garden-themed gifts, like a new pair of gardening gloves, wellies, seeds or even tools. Of course, gifting some of your time to help her get the garden looking great again wouldn’t go amiss either!

Even if your Mum doesn’t relish the thought of mowing the lawn and weeding the flowerbeds, you can still impress her with gifts for the outdoors this Mother’s Day. As lockdown restrictions are eased, it’s highly likely we’ll be able to socialise outdoors before we can get together indoors. This means garden parties and BBQs could be at the top of everyone’s agenda. Choose cute exterior lanterns and cushions and throws for outdoor use. 

If you want to go all out or you’re clubbing together with siblings to get a joint gift, you could even treat your Mum to some new garden furniture, a chic firepit or a pagoda. After all, you’re going to be at the top of her guest list once parties are back on the itinerary!


Make It Personal

Sometimes, it’s the finishing touches that really make a gift special. If you want to give your Mum something meaningful this Mother’s Day, there are awesome personalised phone cases and personalised tablet cases around. Similarly, you can personalise a photo frame, calendar or even a cushion to give your Mum a gift she’ll treasure forever. 

Personalised gifts are great to receive because it shows the giver has really put a lot of thought into the gift. What’s more – you can be as cute or funny as you like when you’re selecting a message or image to use on personalised items. Just be sure to get your orders in early as it can take a little longer for personalised gifts to be prepared and dispatched. 


Subscription Boxes

If you want to give a gift that will last all year-round, a subscription box is a great idea. Every month, your Mum will receive something new in the post, which means they’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness throughout the year. Personally, I think subscription boxes are a fabulous present, particularly as there is so much choice when it comes to what you send. 

Millions of Mums would be thrilled to receive a wine subscription, for example, while talented home chefs might love a subscription box filled with luxury ingredients. Alternatively, a beauty box is a great way to remind your Mum to pamper herself from time-to-time. From craft gins and artisan coffees to plants and tasty snacks, you’re sure to find a subscription box that’s perfect for your Mum. 


Streaming Services

Everything’s gone virtual this year, which means you’ve got a whole extra realm to consider when choosing a gift for your Mum this Mother’s Day. Whether you opt for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Brit Box, Apple TV Plus or Now TV, you can keep your Mum entertained all year round. 

However, streaming services have become even broader, and even more popular this year, so you can find more specialist options if your Mum has a particular interest or hobby. Mums who are into fitness might love a subscription to a virtual class, for example, while online pro cookery stream subscriptions are perfect for Mums who are budding home chefs. 

Find the Perfect Gift in Time for Mother’s Day

Whatever you decide to gift your Mum this year, be sure to get it to her on time. A little thought goes a long way, so planning ahead will ensure you don’t miss the mark. Delivery times are likely to be longer than normal, so don’t leave it to the last minute. Instead, get prepared in advance and let your Mum know she’s your top priority on Mother’s Day. 


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