5 Newborn Twins Essentials We Couldn’t Live Without

With so many products on the market these days, as new parents, we really didn’t know where to start. But now I can look back,  I had 5 top products that I swore by and I honestly couldn’t have lived without these newborn twins essentials.


  1. Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

Having to make a least 12-14 bottles a day, I think most parents of twins will agree that this has to be one of those newborn twins essentials and the best piece of equipment you will buy. At 3am, pressing a button is the only thing you are capable of so that have the milk made in this way, it truly is awesome! Did we have two? No, you only need one!

prep machine


  1. Bean Bags

I took my beanbags everywhere. To friends, to grandparents, even when we were filming on set in Bridget Jones Baby! It meant the girls could chill and relax in their own space or it gave me somewhere safe to put ‘the other one’ whilst I was feeding. Did we have two? Yes we did.



  1. Morrck Blankets

Morrck blankets means there is no need for coats or snowsuits. You simply place your baby into the car seat, wrap them snug and go – an awesome invention! Did we have two? Yes, you need two.




  1. Bouncy or Swinging chairs

So you have two hungry babies, and feeding them together isn’t an option, either of these chairs (we had both) were great for occupying the other. Or if you need to get on and do something, your little ones will be very happy having a rock in these! Did we have two? No we had four – two of each!


  1. Ewan the Sheep

Lack of sleep was the thing I was the most nervous about. So from day 1, we used the sheep to indicate sleep time. I would play the lullaby and straight away we were able to put the girls down and they would self-settle and go to sleep. Did we have two – of course we did!



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** I have bought all of these products myself and all the comments are my own opinion.


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