8 Ways to Keep your Toddlers Cool in the Summer Heat

Struggling to know what to do in this heat with your toddler? Here are a few ideas to help you through these glorious hot days!

Water Play

  • A water table is one of the best ways to keep your toddler cool and entertained. Mine love playing with watering cans, containers – pouring water from one to another, water wheels and just splashing around!
  • Invest in a small plastic pool for your toddler (this can be as cheap as £3 from a supermarket) and place it in the shade and add their favourite bath toys plus some new water containers so they can pour from one to another. This will keep your child cool and can initiate them into the world of swimming.
  • Sprinklers are also great fun. Mine love it when I turn it on low, so it’s no taller than them. They run through it, jump in the puddles and collect water from it.



Have you ever tried this, it is so much fun! Children love playing with ice and what aperfect time to do so! Get some mini farm animals,  dinosaurs or sprinkles and place in rubber cake trays or large ice cube trays and freeze. You can even pop them in the paddling pool for them to find before they melt!



Stay in the shade if you can. Play under a tree, put up a gazebo or an umbrella. Stay safe! But remember to still use suncream and wear a hat!


Keep Your Toddler’s Clothes Light

Even toddlers need to enjoy themselves during the summer; and if you really want them to be less cranky during the heat, you must dress them accordingly or if no one is around, simply let your child roam in their nappy.


Eat smaller meals more regularly

I’m sure some of you have read how fussy my two are on a normal day, so this hot weather makes it even more difficult. However, there is a good reason why we feel less hungry during hot weather; this is our body’s natural way of regulating temperature. The heavier a meal, the more energy the body uses to digest it, making us feel more lethargic. So eat more lighter meals at regular intervals.

Shut Your Windows and Doors

Though you may be tempted to open the curtains, windows and doors of your house to get the sun inside, you should not give in to your temptation, especially on very hot days. The rule here is close anything to the south and open to the north. This will help in keeping your toddler cool because the hot air will not be able to enter.

Cool bath before bedtime

My girls love bath time so rather than having a hot bath, I make the water cooler and wet their hair before bedtime and this helps them to stay cool. They even love tipping water on each other’s head – they don’t seem to fuss this way!



We currently have fans everywhere in our house and sleep with them on at night. I move them off the girls when I go to bed so they don’t get cold.




7 thoughts on “8 Ways to Keep your Toddlers Cool in the Summer Heat”

  1. Some fantastic tips here, it is so hard keeping babies cool in this weather isn’t it. Our bedroom, where my daughter sleeps, gets up to 31C!

  2. Musings of a tired mummy...zzz...

    Great tips. The heat was unbearable but is now better, phew! The kids have been off their food so trying little but often works!

  3. good tips, I dread the summer each year as its just not fun for anyone, including pets, we get the sun all day in our front room so thats our hottest but most used room in the house, windows have to be open in it or it will turn into a steamer haha! bring on autumn i say

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