The ponies on the farm at the dandelion hideaway glamping site.

10 Activities To Do Whilst Glamping With Children – The Dandelion Hideaway

Come rain or shine, there are plenty of activities to keep children active at The Dandelion Hideaway. We were recently invited to spend a long weekend in one of their Canvas Cottages with the Popitha Twins and lots of fun was had by all. You can see our full review HERE, but for this article, I want to share all of the fun things you can do with your children without getting in your car throughout your stay.


Glamping Site Activities

Bug Hunts

Come prepared with a mini magnify glass and go off on the search for bugs. If you venture into the little woods, you will find log piles and individual logs that you can lift up to see what you can spot.

pile of logs perfect for bug hunts

Den Building

A designated area has been made for building a den. Either continue to improve the one there, of start from scratch. You could even have your lunch in there!

den building at the Dandelion Hideaway

Wildlife Hunt & Badger Hide

Before you go, get your children to do some research about the wildlife they can see in the countryside and get them to draw pictures of each of them (this can also be done whilst there). Here are a few to help – Rabbits, hares, pheasants, deer, muntjac, badgers, mice, squirrels and owls.

Whilst on your wildlife hunt, venture into the Badger hide to see if you can spot a badger or two. Take a look at all of the useful information to learn some new facts or use the tracking sheets and go on the hunt for their paw prints in the mud.

Go on a Bear Hunt

Take your favourite book away with you and act it out around the grounds. The girls favourite book at the moment is ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’, so we went of looking for bears on several occasions! You could also use Farmer Duck, What the Ladybird Heard, A Squash and a Squeeze.


Children’s Games Den

Up by the Reception and The Old Cow Shed Shop you will find the Games Den. The Den is

home to table tennis, table football with hay bales for seating, a chalk board and some story books, another area for the children to meet and explore and feel that sense of adventure.


Activities Down on the Farm

Farm Tour

The Dandelion Hideaway is set on a working goat dairy farm and they have a daily routine of milking, feeding and littering their animals, twice a  day. They love to welcome the guests to share a little piece of their lives by offering a farm welcome tour with Farmer John twice a week.

Collect Fresh Eggs Every Morning

Join Sharon in her weekly talk on hen keeping, or take your egg basket and collect fresh eggs each morning.

Groom the Ponies

Throughout the week, Sharon invites the children to give her Shetland ponies a groom and a fuss. You may even be able to take them for a walk out to their field.

Visit the Goats and Kids

You will see hundreds of goats and little kids up in the barns. You are able to visit them when you like and give the little ones a fuss!

Milk the Goats

I had never seen a goat being milked, so was fascinated to be welcomed into the parlour to have a go and see the process they have to go through. We even got to taste it fresh.

goat milking parlour at the Dandelion Hideaway

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Are there any other activities you enjoy whilst outdoors with your children?


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