Five Modern Family Room Design Ideas

If your home has a family room, it’s probably one of the most popular and busiest rooms in the house. If your home has a contemporary feel, it can be hard to make the family spaces feel modern, instead of cluttered and a space just for the kids. You can decorate your family room in a modern way with these tips, and still keep it a great place for the family to relax. 



Contemporary house design can work just well as for a family home. Incorporate some modern design elements, but keep things family-friendly.


  1. Choose vibrant colors. Modern rooms often stick to very neutral color palettes, which is not always that practical with small children. Instead, opt for bright tones for a sense of fun in a modern way. Bring in color with bright scatter cushions, colorful artwork, or by displaying family photos. Protect your carpet with a brightly colored rug. 
  2. Buy some fun seating. If you have a large family, you’re going to want to make sure you have plenty of seating for everyone. Instead of choosing the classic over-stuffed sofa, choose something with a more modern shape. Pick a sofa with clean-lines, and then add things like beanbags, chairs in interesting shapes, or large floor cushions. 
  3. Add entertainment. For a modern room, get techy. A large TV is great for movie or video game night. For a sleek look, hang your TV from the wall and make sure you conceal any trailing wires. For something a bit different, buy a coffee table that has a board game built in. If you love family games of Monopoly, for example, you can buy a table with the board as the top. It looks cool and adds something to do together. Wire in a sound system too, to use for music or for watching movies.
  4. Add more storage. Nothing spoils a contemporary finish like clutter everywhere. Build in as much storage as you can, with cupboards and shelving. Furniture that doubles as storage helps too, like a coffee table with a box underneath, or an ottoman. You can use this storage to put away toys, games, and DVDs, and keep the room looking more minimal and uncluttered. 
  5. Light it up. Lighting is very important in contemporary design. You want to make sure the room is well lit, with a mix of ceiling lights and lamps. If you want to choose more modern pieces, look at contemporary lighting in striking shapes. As your lights are usually out of the way, you can choose something less child-friendly to make the space more modern. 


Modern design is often thought of as not being the right choice for a family home. If your tastes are more contemporary or modern, you don’t have to sacrifice them just because you have kids. Be smart about your choices of shape and color when you’re decorating, and you can create a sleek space that still works for the whole family. Store clutter away, and you have a modern home.


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