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Since becoming a mummy I have read about many aspects of being a parent. I have taken guidance on pregnancy, child birth, parenting and even cooking – and they still don’t eat it! However, the one ‘go-to guide’ I haven’t found yet is ‘how to survive being a mummy’.

During the first year of your little ones life, you were totally and utterly in awe of your cute little baby – who smiled and giggled on request and slept soundly during their lunch nap…. Right?! Well that’s how it was supposed to be –  No one ever tells you how hard it really is, do they.


Once you have been through one baby phase after another baby phase and you don’t think things can get any harder, this strong willed little toddler bursts on to the scene and requires more energy and attention then you ever thought possible. Sound familiar? So how do we get through this? I have asked many mummy friends what they do and here are some of their lighthearted suggestions – enjoy!


  • Drink coffee, lots of coffee and then drink wine!
  • Put a sticky hook on the back of your baby’s high chair so you can always find a bib.
  • If your baby has pooped all up their back, take their vest down over their shoulders, and not up over their head.
  • Use a make up brush to ‘paint on’ nappy cream to save it getting on your hands.
  • Food!!!! Bribe the kids with any kind of food.
  • ‘Quick daddy’s coming’! Always a good one but in fact he is the softest man on earth!
  • I’ll get you a kinder egg and magazine if you……!
  • Frozen Veg and Mash super cheap and can be blasted in the microwave for a quick meal with ready made mash, a real life saver.
  • Counting down from 5, never explained what happens when I get to 1.. but always works.
  • Wilkinson antibacterial wipes….
    Good for everything… even cleaning the whole house and takes a few minutes…. Can then tell the hubby when he gets in you’ve been cleaning all day.
  • The 5 min rule. Counting down from 5 mins whenever you are wanting to leave somewhere or turn telly/ipad etc off. Those 5 mins can last as long or as you want!!
  • “I’m going to win!!”
  • Ironing on name labels with the hair straighteners.
  • If your little one doesn’t like taking medicine put it into a bottle teat, it works a treat.
  • Whilst shopping, give your children things to find in each asile. It stops them whinging the whole way round the shop.
  • “I bet you can’t ……..
    put your shoes on yourself
    Brush your teeth
    (insert whatever you want them to do) proves me wrong every time 😉
  • Grease stained clothes? Baby powder is perfect – sprinkle on and it helps absorb the grease before washing.
  • Keep a wet sponge in a sandwich bag in the freezer to deal with all those little bumps.

For more tips on how to survive the toddler years, CLICK HERE.

Can you share any ideas that will help other mummies survive?!mummy-hacks

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