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New Baby Gift Guide

Baby Showers have grown in popularity over the last few years. It used to be just an American thing, but we have now picked up this idea in the UK too. I know I didn’t know what to expect when I went to my first Baby shower but it was a really good excuse to get together with friends, drink some tea, eat cake, play a few silly games and shower the expectant mother in gifts before her world is turned upside down!

As I didn’t have children at the time of going to my first baby shower, I had no idea what to take as a gift. I didn’t know what was useful for the parents or the baby. Having now had three little whirl winds, I do now know what is a good present and I have shared some of these below with you! Please bear in mind that some of the bigger gift ideas can be bought between a few people!


Yoyo Baby Travel Monitor – Natural Baby Shower

In my opinion a baby monitor is a must. It keeps your baby close by you, even when they are sleeping. Everyone is different but I recommend a video monitor because I like to be able to check everything is ok with my little ones without actually having to go in to their room every five minutes.

This video monitor from Natural Baby Shower is the perfect monitor for being at home or on the go. With it’s 180 degree wide angle vision, it is great whether you have one, two or three children in the room! It has a two way speaker as well as a temperature indicator and will last for 24 hours without being plugged in which makes it so versatile that you can use it at home, when holidaying and camping!


Morrck Blanket

These blankets are amazing. With safety guidance highlighting that it is unsafe for babies to travel in coats or snowsuits in winter, how are we supposed to travel baby without them getting cold? The Morrck blankets are safe to use in the car seat, have holes for you to put straps through and plenty of blanket to keep baby snuggly and warm. They come in a variety of colours and designs and two thicknesses depending on the season.

Morrck blanket in a car seat with baby. The perfect product for a mummy at a baby shower.


Sleepy Head – MyHummy

I have always sworn by white noise with the twins. The minute I put some on, that was it, they slept and luckily, my newborn is the same. The MyHummy comes in a variety of different sizes but I was drawn to the Sleepy Head. It is small enough that you can have it with baby where ever you are. At home, on a day out or on holiday.


My hummy Sleepy head. Musical teddy head. The perfect product for a mummy at a baby shower.MyHummy Sleepy Head is both voice and blue-tooth activated. The spec is amazing. You can control the duration of white noise, send notifications to a phone when baby starts to cry and change volume level. Click the link to find out its other amazing features. New mummy’s will love you for this one!


Pink Lining

Pink Lining are well known for their nappy bags to be fashionable yet functional and every new mummy needs one of these. Pink Linking sell three different styles of bag but I have picked the one below because it doesn’t necessarily look like a nappy bag and sometimes it’s good to have a few secrets right!! It is slightly smaller than its siblings but definitely more stylish!!

The Notting Hill Tote comes in three different patterns; Apples and Pears, Dalmatian Fever and Hummingbird . The inside of the bag is extremely well-thought out with its different sections and pouches for bottles. It also comes with a thick padded changing mat and a wet zip bag to keep any soiled Babygros separate from everything else.


Caboo + Cotton Blend Ava Carrier

Every mummy needs a baby carrier and this Caboo Limited Edition Print is just great to give as a gift. The funky fabric design makes it desirable alone and there are other awesome designs to choose from too. It has been made in a super soft fabric that is lightweight, yet supportive. It is incredibly comfortable and easy to wear, with no tying needed – good job, I always get in a muddle!! This carrier is suitable for babies from 5lb upwards.


Frugi Personalised Blanket

I love the personal touch when it comes to presents and Frugi have nailed it with this gorgeous personalised blanket which is part of their My First Frugi collection. With its sweet Little Lamb design and a colourful Rainbow Stripe rib trim, it is perfect as that everyday go to blanket, or to keep for best.

When it comes to personalising your blanket, you can have up to 24 letters, across two rows and choose from 8 different coloured embroidery threads.


Joie i-Level Car Seat

If you are going to travel in a car, all babies will need a car seat and although they are pricey, believe me, it is money well spent. Is it too pricey to be on a gift guide? I don’t think so because sometimes when a group of people club together, it is surprising what you can buy. Or you might be the rich aunt looking to buy your niece something amazing 😉 and the Joie i-Level car seat is just that.

Joie i-Level reclining baby car seat. The perfect product for a mummy at a baby shower.

One of its top features is the tilt action. You may or may not know, but it is advised that babies should lie down as flat as possible to promote a healthy spine and improved oxygen levels when travelling, and for most car seats, this can be tricky, but not the Joie because it reclines to the deepest and cosiest 157° angle. With this fabulous feature, it also means that baby also lies on a lie flat lounger so when you are out for the day or taking a stroll in the park  baby has his/her very own one stop snoozing spot.


Swaddles & Sleeping Bags – Aden + Anais

These beautiful swaddles from Aden + Anais make the perfect gift. They are so versatile and can be used in many different ways. The most obvious one is to swaddle, but I have also used mine as a thin blanket when sleeping, as a play mat, nursing cloth and as a burp cloth.

Made from 100% super soft cotton, they come in an endless array of colours and designs, you won’t know which one to choose!


Also in the range are these gorgeous sleeping bags which come in different tog ratings to suit all seasons and temperatures. There’s no need for new mummies to stress over loose blankets in the cot and they are impossible for little people to kick them off. But with zips which open from the bottom, it makes night time changes so easy.


Konfidence Swim Wear

You may think that swim wear may be a bit of a strange gift for a baby, but believe me when I say time flies, and before you know it, mummy (or daddy of course) will be able to take the little one swimming and this Konfidence swim bundle makes the perfect gift!


My Bear Garden

This lovely little shop is the UK’s leading collectable teddy bear and soft toy specialists stocking many well-known brands including Steiff, Charlie Bears, Merrythought, Teddy Hermann, Kosen, Jellycat, artist bears and much, much more! What I love about this shop is that they sell a very affordable range for baby gifts. They have excellent customer service and are always there to help make suggestions and meet your teddy needs.


Bizzi Growin Travel Pod Bag

This is g genius idea and would make a fabulous gift. It is the perfect sleep solution for parents who love to travel. The Bizzi Growin POD Travel Changing Bag has a unique fold out crib section which is quick and easy to use, perfect for travel and daytime naps. It has sections to store all your travel necessities and means that there is no need for bulky, heavy travel cots, just grab your bag and go!


Sleeping Swaddle – Love to Sleep – Cheeky Rascals

This may look a little odd but we have trialled and tested this and they really do help baby sleep, and if baby sleeps, it gets my vote. It is a swaddle with a modern twist on traditional swaddling with the Love To Swaddle all–in–one sleep suit. The Swaddle UP can be used from birth. The fabric sits close to baby to give him/her the swaddled feeling that babies love, while the shape maintains baby’s natural and preferred “arms up” sleeping position.

I hope you have found this useful and now have plenty of ideas of what to buy your special friend for their pending birth. If you have enjoyed reading this, you may also like to take a look at…

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