Twins Are Awesome!

There is often a lot of negativity around having twins. I don’t know why because I think it is extremely special and the most amazing thing in the world. Yes, it is hard. Yes, I have cried. And yes I have felt like giving up, but, on the whole, it’s pretty awesome and I so don’t agree with comments like ‘oh double trouble’, ‘you certainly have your hands full’, would you say ‘you look like you have a naughty one there!’ to a single child!


I have put together  15 reasons why it is totally fabulous to have twins.


  1. 2 children and you only have to lose the baby weight once!

I put on nearly 3 stone with the girls and it took longer than expected to lose. If your only having twins and no more, once the weights gone, its gone!


  1. They will always have each other and never be lonely.

The twin bond is so special. I have loved watching my girls from such a young age interacting with each other, comforting each other, playing together. This still amazes me every day and I am so proud of them.

  1. You will only have to establish one routine.

I can’t recommend getting your twins into an early routine enough. My girls have been so easy because of this and it has really worked for me. I love them going to bed at the same time!


  1. The Attention – where ever you are, you will always get attention!

You will never be able to do anything in a hurry again. So many people will stop you and ask ‘awe, are they twins?’ then followed by 50 other questions!


  1. 2 for 1

You only had to go through one pregnancy/labour, but achieved two children!


  1. You will have a twin daddy by your side to share everything with.

I am very lucky that the twin’s daddy is simply amazing. He did every single night feed, morning feed and evening feed with me and even now, does bedtime every night.

  1. Double the milestones

Double the smiles, double the giggles, double the fun!


  1. Forever friends

The twin bond is something only twin parents have the privilege of experiencing.


  1. Discovering their differences even if they are identical.

It is fascinating watching twins go. Early on, the girls would swap personalities fairly regularly. One week twin 1 was the more confident, and the following week the other. Now they are completely different which, considering they are identical is hard to get your head around at times!


  1. Meeting other multiple parents and joining the exclusive club of twin mums (and dads).

I have met many lifelong friends through twins groups and it was an important part of my life early on.


  1. Both children start nursery at the same time meaning you have ‘you time’ sooner!


  1. The twins will have each other on their first day of nursery or school.

I totally loved this on the girls first day at nursery. I left knowing that at least they had each other!


  1. Seeing them encourage each other to do well.

It melts your heart when you hear ‘Well done Poppy’.


  1. Seeing them care for one another if one is upset.


  1. Once ‘the phase’ is over, it’s done!

Oh the phases – Remember, everything is just a phase!





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