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How to Help Your Child Get Organised for School

If you have a child in school, no matter what age, you’ll know that good organisation is a great skill for them to master. To many people, being organised comes naturally, but others have to put in more effort. If your child is the latter, you’ll appreciate the following advice from Mount House School, a private senior school in Hertfordshire. The most important thing to note is that you must set a good example for your child with regards to how to help your child get organised for school; if you don’t appear to be in control, you can’t expect a child to!

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Forgetting to pack a book in their school bag is a mistake that all kids will make from time to time and it’s important not to criticise them or let it cause too many arguments. Instead try and incorporate positive reinforcement; praise them when they do something right rather than reprimand them when they do something wrong. The trick is to get them used to a routine, such as;


  • Homework
  • Dinner
  • Pack school bag
  • Play
  • Bed


Once they are used to following this process, they eventually won’t need to be reminded to do their homework or pack their bag. What’s more, by preparing for school the night before you’ll avoid the mad morning rush which always leads to lateness or forgotten items. Your child might find a checklist helpful when initially trying to establish a routine. There are lots of apps for this, but you could also create one on your computer and print it out.

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Organisation doesn’t just refer to having the right items packed in a bag or being able to tick notes of a checklist. It’s also about keeping everything tidy and in order so that things can’t go missing. You don’t want your child wasting time searching for a ruler in their messy bedroom so that they can do their maths homework. Preparation is key!

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