twins getting ready fr nursery by putting their shoes on

Preparing Your Child for BIG School – Independence

So now you should all know where your little ones are going to school, you can really start to focus on preparing your child and talking to them about their school. I hope that you found the first article in this series helpful. If you haven’t seen it, it is called ‘Preparing Your child For BIG School – Emotionally’, so do take a look.

school classroom with tables set up for children with stationary

The second part in this mini-series, focuses on developing your child’s independence so that when they get to school, they feel confident in doing tasks on their own. The last thing we want is your child worrying about all the things they can’t do when they start school which is why this one is so important. As quick and easy as it is to do things for your child at home, it really doesn’t prepare them for school, so the earlier you get started on these following few things, the better.


At school, children are always encouraged to ‘have a go’, they will always been given help if needed, of course they will, but with 30 in a class, the more your child can do on their own, the better!

So what kinds of things do children need to be attempting before they start school?



This includes turning their clothes in the right way, attempting buttons, hanging them over the back of a chair; a children’s one is great if you have one, or the arm of a sofa maybe more at your child’s level if not. This will encourage all their things staying together. PE time can look a bit like a jumble sale during the first few weeks! Also teach them how to put their clothes on and off in the correct order.


I use the upside down method with my girls and it works brilliantly. They have been able to put it on since they were 2.



Try to buy them Velcro shoes if possible. That way they will be able to do them up, themselves.

twins getting ready fr nursery by putting their shoes on


I know, the first thing you are thinking is ‘my child can’t wipe their own bottom’ but honestly, if you can start to encourage your child now to have a go, it will really benefit them. Schools have different policies on this too – some will help and some won’t so if you are concerned then do ask the teacher.

twins learning how to use the potty







Teachers and teaching assistants are ever so friendly and are there to help, but it can be incredibly daunting for a little person to approach a new adult and talk to them or ask them a question. Explain this to your child and give them examples of questions they could ask.

For example;

Can you help me do up my buttons please?

Can you help me do this puzzle?

Can I go to the toilet please?

Can you help me do up my zip?


Any Questions?

If you have any further questions about this topic, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and pop me a message on here or through my Facebook page.


Look out for the third part in this series, which is called ‘Preparing Your Child For BIG School – Learning’. Either subscribe to my blog or all of my posts are shared on Facebook and these are the best ways to keep up to date with new Popitha articles.



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