Two girls sitting on eco friendly wooden Mani Me chairs made in the shape of a bear and monkey

Mani Me – Eco Furniture that’s Perfect for Kids

Are your mornings as chaotic as ours – running around trying to find clothes for the toddler, uniform for the girls, generally a little bit shouty, and always eating breakfast in a hurry – I am so glad we are not the only ones!

So over the last few months, with have been working really hard on our organisational skills in the mornings –And with the help of our ManiMe chairs, they have become heaps easier.

Two girls sitting on eco friendly wooden Mani Me chairs made in the shape of a bear and monkey

**This is a paid collaboration with Mani Me.

What is the Mani Me Chair?

The  ManiMe valet chair is a piece of eco furniture designed to develop healthy organisational skills and encourage independent dressing which can help take some of the stress out of your time pressured mornings.   I think we all know parenting is the hardest job in the world, and I for one, will take any help I can get to make my life easier!

The ManiMe gives everyday clothes, and school uniform a home. Every item of their clothing has a place, and so when the girls get home from school, as they take their uniform off, they dress their Monkey and Bear, and in the mornings when they wake up, it is all organised and ready for them to wear again.

The valet chairs are available in two sizes, each with four choices of design, a Monkey, Panda, Bear and Tiger.

The ManiMe Cub is a smaller, simpler design aimed at nursery and younger primary aged children. The ManiMe Graduate is slightly larger and incorporates a hanging rail for trousers, skirts, shorts or skorts.

two wooden animal chairs positioned on a rug


ManiMe is an Award Winning Eco / Sustainable Brand

Another reason I have been drawn to the ManiMe product and brand is because it prides itself in being committed to sustainability and by producing an eco-friendly product it means that it is not harmful to the environment. So much so, that it has just won the Editior’s Choice in the MadeForMums Awards 2021, Sustainable/eco-friendly product for families.


What are the Eco Friendly Chairs Made Of?

The ManiMe valet chairs and brand accessories are beautifully crafted from sustainable bamboo. Bamboo is a natural grass that has had no pesticides, is strong, durable and beautiful.

Bamboo trees

Why Buy Eco Friendly Products?

By buying eco furniture, sustainable toys and products, we are taking considerable steps to reduce waste and manage our earth’s resources wisely. This will give our grandchildren a rich and healthy environment to look forward to.

When you can buy an ethically produced and durable product, you’re helping the environment immediately, and in the longer term. Longer lasting products mean less waste, our landfills don’t fill up so quickly, less pollution, and the environment is healthier. When that durable product is eco-friendly, maybe by using environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo, their immediate ecological footprint is slashed.

two girls sitting on the floor playing with eco friendly toys leaning on two wooden chairs in the shape of a monkey and a bear


ManiMe – The Perfect Eco Furniture product and A Great Eco Gift for Kids

The ManiMe brand is a really great gift for your child’s birthday, christening or as a starting school present. It’s a piece they can treasure for years and one that will last.

Where to Buy Your Mani Me – The Eco Friendly Gift for Kids

Simply head straight to the Mani Me website, and place your order online.

two girls laughing and leaning on their mama me wooden animal chairs



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