Nomi Highchair by Evomove – Review

How would you describe your ideal highchair?

Would it be stylish? How about unique? Would it be light, safe and practical? How any long lasting – wouldn’t it be great if you could find one that took newborns up to  teenagers. Seriously, how amazing would that be! Well I’ll let you into a secret, these are just a few words to describe our fabulous new Nomi Highchairs By Evomove.


The Nomi highchairs caught my eye over two years ago before the girls were born. We were at The Baby Show in London and fell in love with them instantly. They just looked classy, different to your standard high street type of highchair. There are so many different highchairs on the market that it is difficult to know where to start. As always, we had to buy two so they needed to fit in our kitchen permanently and look good.


Sadly (although obviously we were grateful too!) we got given ‘hand-me-down’ highchairs. These did the job but not what I would necessarily choose. But a month ago, Christmas came early – I met the sales director of Nomi by Evomove at the Mumii Baby and Toddler Awards in Lincolnshire. They were sponsoring the ‘feeding area’ and had amazingly brought highchairs for all the babies and toddlers. We got chatting and he asked then, if I would like to take two home to review, to which I jumped at the chance. I have to say I was just so excited.

Here’s what I love about Nomi By Evomove Highchairs

The Nomi can be welcomed  into any house right from when your baby is born. The height of the highchair is pretty much perfect for use with the usual range of dining tables and this is really valuable to my husband and I, as bringing children around the dining table is an important part of family life.


  • The design is stylish and would fit in with any house design.
  • The don’t take over your kitchen.
  • The highchair is light – weighing less than 5 kg, making it easy to move around the house.
  • They come in 7 different colour options, and 4 stem options to match any house decor.
  • They meet all of the UK safety regulations – therefore they don’t tip!
  • Your child cannot climb out of them.
  • They don’t stain.
  • All the material is recyclable.
  • With so many add-ons, they last from babies to 13 years.


The Designer

Peter Opsvik designed Nomi. The Nomi concept is the result of more than 40 years of work with children’s chairs. Peter Opsvik’s theory is that children need a stable platform from which to move – a platform that inspires many different positions, so the child can adopt an active seating position as they grow from a baby to teenagers. I feel that Peter had a clear vision in his mind that the chair had to be practical, but also appeal to the growing child’s taste and look ‘cool’ enough to be used as they get older, to which he has certainly succeeded. Nomi is manufactured in such a way that all the parts can be recycled.


About the Highchair

Children like to move, even when they sit. Therefore, a good highchair offers the child support as well as freedom to move – both while sitting at the table and climbing in and out of the chair.

Nomi was developed from an ambition to create the world’s best highchair for children, in terms of both form and function. Nomi is seamlessly adjusted without tools and will evolve with your child’s changing need for support at the family table. The soft, organic contours are pleasing to the eye and invite the child to stay active and mobile in many different sitting positions.


Let’s take a closer look at the design

The seat and footrest can be adjusted seamlessly and without tools as your little one grows by turning two wheels on the back. This means that you can quickly adjust Nomi to match the changing needs of your child – or to fit visiting children.

The shape of the stem ensures automatic correct ergonomic adjustment of seat and footrest depth. The open design inspires to free movement and makes it easy for the child to get up and down and pull in towards the table.

The small wheels on the rear legs of the chair are an important safety feature reducing the risk of tilting, in case your child pushes backwards from the table.

The wooden stem provides strength, durability and flexibility to the highchair. The unique shape ensures that the sitting height and the seat depth are always perfectly matched.

The stem is available in different types of wood and colours. The difference is purely visual as durability and performance is the same in all options.


How does Nomi grow with your Baby?

0-6 months

As parents it is important to include your baby around the family table. During your baby’s first months the muscles are not strong enough to support upright sitting. Nomi Baby is the perfect choice when you need an extra hand. It lifts your baby from the floor and includes your newcomer at the family table right from the start.

6-24 months

When your child is around 6-9 months old, the time has come to sit unassisted. At this point, simply replace Nomi Baby with the seat, back- and footrest of Nomi Highchair combined with the Nomi Mini restraint. Nomi Mini will provide support and freedom to move – the best foundation for developing your child’s motoric skills.

From 2 years

Your child moves on when your child makes attempts to climb up and down from the chair, it’s time to remove the restraint. Watch your child in the chair, and offer a little help getting up and down. After a while your child will be able to use Nomi Highchair without your help.

For older children

Nomi was developed for children but also provides a comfortable, light chair for adults who like to stay active. Nomi can follow your child beyond childhood – for instance as a flexible desk chair.

Nomi Accessories (6-24 months) 

Nomi Mini 

Restraint for children aged 6-24 months. Easily clicks onto the Nomi Highchair. Meets the latest EU safety standard. Nomi Mini is exceptionally easy to install. The restrainer just clicks on; first underneath the seat and then on the backrest.

Nomi Cushion

Reversible and washable, made of 100% Oeko-tex® cotton. Available in a choice of Dark Grey, Pale Blue or Pale Pink fabrics all with a reversible Sand colour. Includes seat & back rest cushions.

TRAY by Evomove

Practical tray that is easy to click on the chair. Can only be used with the Mini restraint accessory. Very easy to clean and dishwasher safe up to 40°.

The Tray is easily mounted on Nomi by sliding it on the Mini restraint. Available in a choice of White, Coffee, Black or Grey.

Highchair Harness

Easy to mount and adds extra security and peace of mind. Used with the Nomi Highchair with the Mini restraint attached. For children from 6-24 months.


A Final Note from ‘The Popitha Twins’

We really have been delighted and impressed with these highchairs. They are a stylish addition to our house and with them lasting from newborn to teenagers, they are good value for money. They have been made to last – you just couldn’t get better quality. Therefore, the Nomi Highchairs by Evomove come highly recommended by ‘The Popitha Twins’.

Nomi highchairs start at £199 for the basic model. Additional accessories can then be bought according to the age of your child.

If you are interested in purchasing the Nomi by Evomove highchairs, please contact

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