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Swimming with Konfidence – Children’s swimming jacket

One of my aims as a parent, is to see my children swimming with confidence and having fun in the water. They don’t have to be speedy swimmers, or competitive, but if they ever get themselves a little out of depth on holiday or in the local pool, I would like to think they will be able to stay afloat and Konfidence has the perfect children’s swimming jacket to help get you started with this.

** we were gifted this products as part of out ambassadors role


The twins started swimming lessons when they turned three as we found a private instructor that would teach the girls in together. Up until then, finding a swimming school had been hard due to adult/child ratios which just don’t work when you have twins or multiples! During this year, the girls have made massive progress and are confidently swimming with aids.


As you all know, we love our holidays, so making sure the girls were confident in the water has always been high up on my list of things to crack. We wanted to replicate what they were learning in the pool when we are away on holidays to keep them safe although I am still always on my guard.


It was early this year that I was asked to be a Konfidence Ambassador which I was totally honoured to accept, alongside some other top travel blogs. We were asked to trial the children’s swimwear jacket as well as other swimming products; the timing couldn’t have been more perfect!

Twins and a baby playing in the water

Konfidence sell a range of products to support swimming. The brand was originally created by husband and wife team when they were unable to find any suitable swimming aids for their children on the market. The first product off the back of their initial research was produced – The Konfidence Jacket which is now the number one best selling buoyancy aid for children aged 1 o 7 across the UK and Europe. The brand has grown and now sell products for babies right through to adults with baby swim wear, float suits, wetsuits, UV suits as well as beach and swimming toys and changing mats.


I am often asked what the girls wear when swimming so I have put this together as to why I can highly recommend Konfidence as the go-to brand for swimming aids.


The Original Konfidence Children’s Swimming Jacket

We probably use the Konfidence children’s s Swimming Jackets the most out of all the products we have. We find them easy to travel with and the girls are happy to wear them. It means that we are able to change the base layer, and put the girls in dry swim wear if they want to swim multiple times a day on holiday, which they usually do.

twins wearing the Konfidence swimming Jacket

The children’s swimwear jacket is made from a soft neoprene material which makes it comfortable to wear. It has 8 individual floats to keep your child afloat in the water which can slowly be removed as they become more confident swimmers. These come in a range of sizes from 18 months to 7 years.


Float Suit

The Float Suit is our go to swimwear for UK swimming sessions. Like the jackets they are comfortable and non restrictive when they are swimming. These work on the same principle as The Konfidence Jacket. They provide adjustable buoyancy and freedom of movement.  The floatation suits are made from quick drying lycra and have built in UPF protection. The t-shirt style top offers 50+ UPF such protection with the remainder offering 30+ UPF. These suits come in a variety of sizes from 1 – 5 years.


Twins splashing about under waterfalls


With the UK sea temperatures slightly lower than those in Europe, the Konfidence Wetsuits have come in handy. We are fortunate to live close to beaches so to be able to get the girls swimming in the sea is fantastic. They are also good if you are going abroad early on in the season when unheated pools are still on the chilly side.

wetsuits from Konfidence

Matilda has a Babywarma Wetsuit that that I swear by. She wears in normal swimming pools to keep her warm. This has proved to be a godsend and I can highly recommend babies wearing these even on holiday.



Swimming Nappies

I am often asked about what babies wear when swimming. I must say I was nervous about this myself. Most pools have a standard two-layer swim nappy policy and a really comfortable combination for Matilda has been an Aqua Nappy Swim Nappywith a NeoNappy Swim Nappy Cover on top. Over that she wears her Babywarma Wet Suit which is really easy to get on because of the Velcro side and is comfortable to wear! I always have the Roll & Go Neoprene Baby Swimming Changing Mat in the swim bag too,


You may also enjoy reading about some of the places we have been on holidays in the UK with pools such as   Bruern Cottages in the Cotswolds, Greenwood Grange in Dorset, Darwin Forest in the Peak District or North Bradbury Farm in Devon. Both have indoor pools and playrooms for the children.




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