Map of the UK on the floor with two girls arms pointing at small UK flags

Trip Map – UK and Ireland Map Pin Board

Now we all know I love a map, and the twins are becoming more and more fascinated with them too. They love looking at where we live and where we have been on holiday. It really sparks interesting conversations, inspiration and brings back fabulous family memories such as our first holiday to Kenya, or the glamping trip on a farm where the twins slept in the cupboard. It always gets us laughing together.


But with the pandemic not going anywhere soon, so many more parents are choosing to take their family holidays in the UK. And actually, we never really appreciate where we live so I believe now is the time to start doing it – the UK is beautiful.

Three girls looking out over the green Welsh Hills in Wales

We have had some great UK family holidays; We loved the farm lodge in Wales, and the short break with a hot tub in the Peak District . Visiting friends in Norfolk is special too.  When the twins were two we took them on a farm stay in Devon which was amazing and it couldn’t have been more child friendly.


With the girls turning 5 and starting school, I felt that it was about time that I gave them a little UK geography lesson, so when Trip Map World contacted us to see whether we would be interested in reviewing their brand new UK pin maps, I jumped at the chance. Time to pin and learn!


Who are Trip Map World?

Trip Map World was started by a family team who wanted a map for their home to fit in with their own style. They wanted it to be stylish, modern and nicely complementing their interior. And of course, they wanted to mark their travels on it! Eventually, they decided that a map on canvas could be a unique picture, and later the canvas British Isles Map with pins has been created.

Map of the UK on the floor with two girls arms pointing at small UK flags


UK and Ireland Map Pin Board

Recently, Trip Map World have launched a brand new pinnable map of the UK. In fact, they have launched five different UK designs and three different sizes to suite everyone’s interior styles. We went for the stylish black and white map which looks amazing on our wall.

Trip Map Pin Map learning up against the wall with two girls in London dresses smiling at the camera


The attention to detail on these maps is totally amazing. The print is easy to read making it easy to pin the places you have visited, and even easier to pin the places you want to visit – we love forward planning!

a hand on a trip map placing a gold pin

A way Trip Map have enabled you to personalise the map is by offering you different colour pins, so on ours, the gold pins represent the places we have visited as a family, and the coloured are our wish list, with the red being home!


The map is made on top quality durable 390 gsm canvas, and they use original Canon ink for long-lasting and vivid colours for printing in high-definition CANON PRO4000 printing so that the letters are clearly visible. Each canvas is covered in a protective UV varnish coating that ensures non-fading colours and which is then placed on a wooden underframe and foam board backing that ensures lightweight construction.


Record Your Trips at the Push of a Pin

There are 100 pins included with your map and you can choose from the selection of colours. You can also buy more as you wish. It is so quick and easy to set your pin map up so it looks fabulous within minutes. All you do is push the pin gently into the canvas and there it stays.

close up of a trip map with gold pins

Use the map to keep track of the counties and cities you’ve visited or add your travel goals to help inspire your next trip and motivate you to pack your bags!


Personalised UK and Ireland Map

You can personalise your map by adding your family name, your own names or anything you wish. We went with ‘Twins and Travels’ as this is us! Our pin map shares our own unique journey – which UK holidays will you be taking next?

personalisation of a trip map - ours says Twins and Travels in gold


Other products from Trip Map World

Trip Map World also produce other push pin maps which include the World, Europe and the USA. Take a look, you will be blown away!

large colourful map of the world

Where to buy your UK and Ireland Map Pin Board

Just pop onto theTrip Map World website to order your map. It is very easy and simple to make your selection. They are giving all my readers12% discount on all UK and Ireland Map Pin Boards. Usecode: TWINS12.

large trip map on the floor with a girl pointing to the map, and the other pinning it


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Go On, Pin It

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