Getting Ready for Your First Family Road Trip

Driving is a fabulous way to travel; you have your own vehicle for the duration of your trip; you can travel in comfort and enjoy fantastic flexibility; it also gives you more options with packing, and a road trip can be much cheaper and less stressful than flying.

For many families, who might be used to jetting off around the world every summer, this year will be different. Plenty of holidays abroad have been cancelled due to lockdowns and travel restrictions, and many of us are choosing to stay closer to home during this uncertain time. A road trip, and perhaps a camping holiday, might be the ideal solution.

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Pick Your Destination Carefully

How to plan a UK road trip, your destination is always an important consideration, but perhaps more so if you are committing to driving all of the way there. You might not want to travel too far from home, and you’ll want a route with plenty of exciting places to stop along the way. At the moment, you’ll also want to take note of any local restrictions, and of which attractions and local businesses are open to the public.

Prepare Your Car

A long road trip isn’t the same as short drives close to home. You’ll want to carry out some necessary safety checks, such as tyres, brakes, and lights before you set off. If you’ve got any concerns about your car, book it into a local garage for a check-up in plenty of time for any repairs to be made before you need to leave.

You should also check your insurance policy and look for reliablecar insurance brokersif you need to make an update or find a new policy.

Plan Plenty of Stops

As adults, it can be tempting to power through and complete your journey as quickly as possible without stopping. Kids are unlikely to be able to do this, and skipping the stops would take away some of the magic of a road trip.

Plan your route so that there are plenty of interesting places to stop and explore (not just service stations) along the way, and even make some bookings at restaurants and attractions to keep things interesting. If you are travelling a long way, you may also want to book an overnight stop.

Consider Entertainment

Stops are great, but you will still be sat in the car for fairly long periods. Consider entertainment to keep everyone happy on the road. Books and tablets to watch films are a good idea, but many children get travel sick if they are looking at screens. Refresh your knowledge of the best family-friendly car gamesjust in case.

Prioritise Comfort

Make sure everything that you need to get comfy on the trip is either in the cabin or easy to reach and not under all of your luggage. This might include blankets and pillows, snacks and drinks, a rubbish bag, and some wipes for sticky fingers and faces.

A road trip can be an excellent opportunity for an adventure with your family. When you hit the open road, the journey itself becomes a part of your break, instead of just a way to reach your destination. With the right preparation, a road trip can be a magical summer break. Enjoy it!

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