Twins playing in the sea on the beach with their mum and dad

Holidays On A Budget

Going on holiday is expensive. There is no getting away from that even if you try to do it cheaply, and with airlines suggesting they may start charging to use their toilets (ludicrous huh!) we need to look at how and where we can cut some costs, so I am here to show you how you CAN take a budget holiday!

Take a look below at Popitha’s tips on how to take a family budget holiday.

Twins on holiday in the swimming pool in a twin float with their mum

Take your own food to the airports

Start as you mean to go on. Take sandwiches and snacks for the journey. Prices at the airport and on airplanes can be expensive and before you know it you would have spent at least £25 on sandwiches you don’t really like! Remember you can’t take drinks/liquids through security so take an empty bottle and fill up with water airside.


Pick your dates carefully

If you have pre school children, then you have a massive advantage and much more flexibility to as when you can go away and I would definitely be choosing a holiday in term time if I could as prices are considerably cheaper. However, if you have no choice but to go in the school holidays then think about alternatives to the summer holidays when prices are slightly cheaper. For example, you can get some great winter sun in October and February half terms in the Canary Islands for example and they are great locations for children.


Book early

If you know when you want to travel, book as far in advance as you can as prices are often lower than booking only a few months in advance.


Choose your location wisely

When searching for you perfect holiday, think about the location of where your accommodation is situated. Is it close to all the local amenities? It is advisable that you are near to shops and beaches for example so you can just walk to them rather than needing to pay for transport.


Go self catering

Look for a child friendly complex that offers self-catering. Breakfast at home before heading out with a picnic. Picnics are a great way to save money daily and children love a picnic, even with sand!  You can also enjoy evening meals in your accommodation and some will even provide you with a BBQ.


Take the bus

You can travel the UK by bus. Most hotels offer sightseeing tours, and as fabulous as these are, they often come with a hefty price tag too. Look at the local bus routes and see if you can go at it independently. It is surprising what you can see when you do your own research on the local area.


Free days out

Think about all the free days out you could do as a family. Children love nothing more than building sandcastles and jumping over waves at the beach and when they have had enough of that they love to spend some time splashing in the hotel swimming pool. There are often parks either on site or close by and if your children are anything like the twins, they will be very happy with an hour on the swings.


Look out for vouchers

If you do want to visit a local attraction for the day, look out for vouchers. Hotel foyers are often a great place to find leaflets advertising what is on locally with 2 for 1 offers, or money much off, so keep your eyes peeled! You can also Look out for Vouchers, On dealsplanet as they have code for hotel booking, ski holidays & flight bookings. 


2 for 1 cocktails

Now this one is a must whether you are on a budget or not – have a great holiday!


If you are looking for holiday accommodation on a budget, take a look on the Holiday Gems Website as you will find something for everyone – even for larger families which is a great find!


Twins playing in the sea on the beach with their mum and dad

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