Family photos. Mum, dad, and 2 year old twin girls posing for a photo on the beach

Travelling in Pregnancy

I have been on holiday during both my pregnancies in the UK and abroad. When I was pregnant with the twins when we travelled to Egypt, and more recently with the twins to Tenerife, both at the beginning of the second trimester and it worked really well for us. We didn’t have any complications or problems. Maybe I wasn’t quite the party girl I usually was when on holiday but I was happy with some early nights and a relaxing time.

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It’s hard to give tips about anything to do with pregnancy because every woman is so different and everyone has a different experience. I am therefore going to share what travelling while pregnant has been like for me and give you some tips that made it easier. I’m living proof that there’s nothing to stop you flying while you’re pregnant having traveled during both of my pregnancies – in fact, I’ve never been ushered to the front of as many queues as when I had a bump.

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Of course there are some restrictions, but don’t let that stop you travelling, just bear in mind you are pregnant and it may take a little more planning than normal.

Here are a few tips to help you; 

Booking your holiday

  • Check the airline restrictions – Flying is not harmful to you or your baby. However different airlines have different rules about travelling while pregnant. Most will allow you to fly until about 36 weeks (32 weeks with twins or multiples) but they will require a letter from your doctor once you’ve over 28 weeks to confirm you’re fit and well.
  • Make sure you take out adequate holiday insurance that covers pregnancy and premature birth should you need it.
  • Pack light. You don’t want to have heavy bags to lift and if it is going to be hot, clothes to keep you cool.


At the Airport

  • At the airport, let people know you are pregnant. You will have more of a chance of an aisle seat (which you’ll need to get to the toilet every 5 minutes) if you tell them and people are happier to help you with your bags.
  • Pregnant women often get ushered through the fast-lane in queues to save you standing in line for hours – it is the one time you can make a fuss!

Twins at the airport looking out at the airplane


  • Airlines have varying restrictions for pregnant women. Before you book your trip, with your airline or travel company what these restrictions are. Don’t forget to consider how close your due date will be when you come back.
  • To make your flight more comfortable and safe, wear loose clothing, avoid crossing your legs, drink lots of water to stay hydrated, and walk around the cabin every hour or two to aid your circulation (and to lessen the risk of blood clots).
  • Wear in-flight socks. In-flight socks help prevent DVT, something pregnant women are more prone to.
  • If you are flying with other children whilst pregnant, here are a few articles to help you!

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On Holiday

  • Always double check what you’re allowed to do when pregnant. Some activities that you’d normally do while travelling are off-limits while you’re pregnant. Scuba diving is one of them and high adrenaline activities. You also can’t do things like hot-air ballooning too so just double-check before you book anything. However, relaxing with a good book is essential.
  • If you are travelling with other children, let others you may be travelling with take over and give you some time to rest!
  • Dress for comfort, and remember that you can be stylish and comfortable too!
  • The main thing that makes me uncomfortable at the minute is the fact that my organs are being squished up to make space for the baby. This can make sitting on the sofa a little uncomfortable, never mind sitting in a tiny plane seat.
  • Listen to your body – When you’re travelling whilst pregnant, you have a little bump to care for so ensure you change your habits and take better care of yourself, slow down and listen to your body.

Family photos. Mum, dad, and 2 year old twin girls posing for a photo


Pregnancy is the perfect excuse to kick back and enjoy some real relaxation. In the past, you may have unwound by doing things like adventure activities, but now that you’re pregnant, try to take a break from such demanding activities. Getting plenty of rest will help you feel better and give you enough energy to enjoy your holiday to the full – Have a wonderful time!


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