What to Pack in Your Holiday DIY First Aid Kit

When planning a holiday, I always find packing one of the hardest parts. I always over pack and my case is filled with items for every eventuality – just in case! Whilst I can share with you my packing lists, always adapt these to suit your family as I don’t want you to miss something out that is important, just like your travel DIY first aid kit – do you have one? 

Travel First Aid Kit

image of a 'first aid case' with 'medicines & bandages' written on the front

Has it even crossed your mind to bring a travel first aid kit with you on holiday? I won’t leave home without ours, especially as we travel so much with the children. We have always used something in it on every holiday. Is should be a priority, regardless of your travel destination, you never know where the nearest pharmacy is, or you may need something in the middle of the night. 

Saying that, my first aid kit is always fairly well stocked, no matter where in the world I am. Whether I am on a farm stay in Devon, a  family friendly beach holiday in Lanzarote, in the French countryside or on safari in Africa, we have it with us.   I will share what we pack in ours with you now, but do adapt it for your family and their needs too and if you are travelling to countries that require jabs and malaria tablets, be sure to do your research well in advance before you go.  It is essential to know how and when to use the first aid supplies in your kit.

image of a teddy bear holding a thermometer alongside a medicine bottle

Use this checklist to prepare for your next holidays and add to your DIY Travel First Aid Kit:

For Emergencies

Tweezers  – this helps remove splinters.

Plasters – used for minor cuts or skin injuries. 

Eye drops  – used for removing foreign objects from the eye.

TCP  – Use for disinfecting and cleaning wounds

Antiseptic Wipes  – To clean grazes or skin injuries

Digital thermometer  – Avoid bringing those with mercury besides a digital one is more accurate and can be easily read

Scissors  – Helps to cut bandages

Bandages  – Support to strained limbs, reduce swelling or hold dressings in place. 

Adhesive Tape – Used to hold dressings 

scattered contents of a DIY first aid kit including dressings, cream, drops and savlon

Medication to Take On Holiday

Pain killers for Children – Calpol / Ibroprofen



Cough Mixture

Anti-Diarrhea Medicines – I always bring Imodium for emergency purposes when an unwanted call of nature comes along the way!

Rehydration sachets – Dioralyte

Cold & Flu Tablets – Due to exposure to foreign microbes, there is a good chance that you will get a cold at some point during your travels. There are tons of Cold and Cough medicines and may have different usage, I advise you to bring what could be very helpful for you.

Anti-Histamine for children and adults – One of the important things I usually bring in travel is anti-allergy meds. 


Anti sting & bite cream

Witch Hazel

If we are in Africa, I also take a malaria testing kit with me for emergencies. You are often far away  from a doctors and if you do get Maleria, you need to know and seek medical help urgently.

girl wearing glasses in a nurses outfit looking through a magnifying class holding a toy syringe

Be sure to follow the same precautions with the medicines in your holiday first aid kit as you do with all medicines.

In addition to the above list, your first aid kit should also contain a contact and information card that can be easily accessed and is legible in case of an emergency.

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