Christmas Eve box and santa

Christmas Eve Box Ideas

With Christmas just around the corner and the twins having just turned 4, I thought it would be a good time to make them a Christmas Eve box this year. However, the more I have thought about it, the more I wondered what I should actually put in one.


Do you make Christmas Eve boxes for your children?


What do you put in them?

Four Stocking hanging on the fire places with teddies and christmas eve does sitting on the floor
Photo Credit: Something About Baby


So I asked a few friends what their Christmas Eve Box traditions were and what they put in theirs. This is what they said;


Free Time with the Kids

We copy the Icelandic tradition of Jolabokaflod which means Christmas Book Flood. Our box has got a book for each of us and some sweets. Early evening, we all get into our jammies (not necessarily Christmas), snuggle up on the bed together reading and sharing the sweets. It’s a really nice way to share the calm before the storm of Christmas Day.


Passports and Adventures

My son is almost 6 and I put in a new, personalised tree decoration with the year date on it as a keepsake. He also gets new PJ’s, magic reindeer food, a key for Santa as we don’t have a chimney, a Christmas activity book and 2 Christmas-themed books for us to read at bedtime. Been doing this for 5 years now and he loves it!


Mudpie Fridays

A personalised Christmas decoration with 5 things from their Christmas list. I’ve been doing it for 5 years and they make a great keepsake too


Kaiden Laverty

I have a 5 year old and we always give ours to him Christmas Eve late afternoon. We fill it with everything for a nice, cosy evening in. Usually we put in a pair of new Christmas PJs, a DVD, popcorn, chocolate coins, snacks/sweets, cosy socks and a small novelty Christmas toy.

Christmas eve box with pyjamas and goodies

Pack the PJ’s

We’ve done Christmas Eve boxes since my children were toddlers (now 13 and 11) and they still look forward to them! They get new PJs, a bath bomb each from Lush, fancy hot choc (this year have those choc balls with mini marshmallows inside), and some sweets. Once they are bathed we sit and watch a Christmas film eating popcorn.


Mummy Yest

In our Christmas Eve box we include a pair of PJ’s, Xmas book for bedtime, Santa’s plate, Elf movie (it’s our tradition to watch it Xmas eve), a treat (popcorn, chocolate etc) and Santa’s key. Santa leaves it under the Xmas tree for us to find when we come back from having Xmas lunch with my family (we have our Xmas dinner on Xmas eve). My children are 4 (will be 5 by then) and 7 months old.


Mimi Rose and Me

My daughter will be five this Christmas and we have everything we would need for Christmas Eve in our Christmas eve box. We add things in like colouring books, pencils, Christmas PJs, Christmas art and craft activities, and a new Christmas DVD. A Rudolph hot chocolate sachet, reindeer food and a Santa plate. Not forgetting some treats such as chocolate coins, a selection box to open, and a couple of candy canes.


Typical Mummy

My kids are 4 and 8. We only started our Christmas Eve box last year but it went down a treat! Because of the new Paddington movie, the Paddington campaign in M&S and our family’s love for Paddington in general we got them matching Paddington pyjamas, the newest Paddington book, Paddington sticker activity books and Paddington chocolates. It worked really well so I think we’ve started a new family tradition, but I’d like to have a theme for the boxes every year. This year we are giving them tickets to Disneyland Paris as a Christmas present (ssssh…don’t tell them!) so I’m thinking of a classic Disney theme for the Christmas Eve boxes. We’ll give them to them to open as it starts to go dark on Christmas Eve. I can’t wait!!!



Beauties and the Bibs

We have just made our Christmas Eve box for the first year. I have put a Christmas activity set in with a pencil , note pad and stampers . Along with PJ’s which are matching with us. Then a new cup and hot choc reindeer. Then finished off with eco-friendly reindeer feed. We will give ours to them on Christmas Eve morning and hope for a PJ day. Where we watch Christmas films all day and chill as a family before the madness of Christmas. My children will be 2 and nearly 4.



Dark Tea

Our children are 11 and 8 and we’ve done a Christmas Eve box for a few years. It arrives while we’re at Christingle service and includes new pyjamas and a Christmas movie to keep them calm after dinner. When they were younger we included a Christmas picture book to read before bed. We’ve found some magical hot chocolate that we’ll include this year.


Christmas Eve box and santa
PHOTO CREDIT: Chilling with Lucas


Mum Times Two

We usually have pyjamas, socks (fluffy ones) or slippers. Hot chocolate and maybe a book or dvd depending on the age of the kid.


Otis and Us

I always put Christmas PJ’s in with a Christmas book or activity book. We leave them out on Christmas Eve evening just before bedtime.


Refined Prose

A Christmas DVD, a book to read plus an activity one, festive pyjamas, and one of those magical pine cones to throw in the fire with a letter to Santa!


The Money Saving Mum

PJ’s, a Christmas crafts, a game, Santa key, milk bottle, popcorn, breakfast stuff (Christmas tree crumpets etc) and a jar of Nutella.


Laura Leanne

We put pjs, festive hot choc and marshmallows, a Christmas book and reindeer food in ours.
The elves leave them out whilst we are at Christmas eve Mass so we come home to them magically appeared.


Edinburgh with Kids

My kids are 4/7/14 – we go to church on Christmas Eve and the boxes are waiting for when they we get back. PJs, their stocking, sachet of hot chocolate, a Christmas story, and sometimes a wee craft type thing.


Christmas Eve Basket full of presents

Blossom Education

We like new pyjamas and a Christmas DVD. Also some popcorn to munch in front of the TV. Sometimes, a new blanket to snuggle underneath is needed as well.


Mum in the Moment

I think I must be the only person in the world who doesn’t do Christmas Eve boxes. My daughter always has new pyjamas but not a box. I’ve been feeling the peer pressure from friends for years now!! I. Will. Not. Give. In!

Christmas Eve Box List

To make life a little easier, I have put all of the ideas into one list for you to print off or save for next year!


List of ideas of what to include in your Christmas eve box

Have a very Merry Christmas wherever you are and if you happen to be in my neck of the woods, Essex, and you still haven’t visited Santa yet, then this article on  ‘the best places to see Santa in Essex‘ could be really useful!


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